This book about facebook has info on protecting children and grandchildren

Introducing The New Page at Facebook

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This book about facebook has info on protecting children and grandchildren True confession time. I’m really good at many techy areas but when it came time to learn Facebook, I found it required a major learning curve, in spite of all the books I’d read about it! I still sometimes get lost over at my Kaye Swain profile page, which was actually called SandwichINK and now is KayeSwainRE.

As a result, when Facebook first came out with Fan Pages, I thought it might be a good option for a SandwichINK page but it’s taken me quite a while to figure it all out.

I love the dummies series as they are funny - interesting - and really help this Sandwich Generation granny nanny learnI still don’t have as good a grip on it as I’d like but I”m getting better, having fun, and learning lots, while exercising my BRAIN – which will hopefully help stave off Alzheimers Disease with its dementia symptoms. 🙂

The page is up and running under the brand new personalized url of – whew! Quite a mouthful. It does beat the original one, though, which had a whole bunch of numbers. 🙂  For some reason, I couldn’t do just BUT it does show up if you search for or Kaye Swain or just click here. The joys of technology!  🙂  And when it does, you’ll see some lovely sunflowers – full of sweet memories of our fun Sunflower activities.

P.S. For even more fun and useful tips for seniors dealing with the Sandwich Generation issues, pop over to my Pinterest boards at SandwichINK on Pinterest as well as KayeSwainRE at Pinterest.

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  1. Introducing The New Page at Facebook

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