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Internet Explorer has a major security flaw. Enough of one that Microsoft came out today with an emergency fix, hopefully solving it. Better people than me have written all about this – the problem, the fix, and more. My favorite “Windows Gurus” at Windows Secrets have a complete article that is wonderful and full of useful information!

If you use Internet Explorer, I would strongly encourage you to read the article at the Windows Secrets link above, so you are aware of what the issue is. Then go to the Microsoft Update site at OR go to START, ALL PROGRAMS, MICROSOFT UPDATE and see if there are any new updates. If you have automatic updates, it may have already updated your computer, but it wouldn’t hurt to go there and doublecheck. I admit it – I am over cautious on this subject. Some might say – paranoid. That’s ok, I’d rather be paranoid than attacked! 🙂 .

I would also encourage you to make sure your antivirus software and firewall software is all updated as well. It might even be a good night to run a virus scan. While it’s running, make some popcorn, brew some hot chocolate, and enjoy a happy Christmas movie or good TV show. When it’s all done, you’ll be all caught up and more relaxed as well.

Have a great night – and a safer computer.

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