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Instagram Joys for the Sandwich Generation

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Hi and welcome to SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation. The Sandwich Generation has been defined as someone caring for elderly parents while still raising their kids. But it can have a variety of tweaks to that. For example, someone caring for their elderly parents while helping with or raising their grandkids. Or perhaps a young mom with toddlers helping an “adopted grandparent” who lives next door. What about a sister caring for a disabled brother while raising her children? Basically, to me, it’s a multigenerational caregiver, whatever the form it may take. And, as is my case, it seems to most frequently involve boomers and seniors caring for their elderly parents. 🙂

This is an example of my Instagram feed reflecting my life of many hues and shapes. Right now, I’m caring for my senior mom in my home, overseeing another beloved senior several states away, helping with a local grandchild and busy enjoying my long-distance grandkids in a multitude of ways including visiting them when I can, playing chess and other games with them via apps, and enjoying phone calls and text messages. And oh yes, I am also enjoying working with my real estate clients, many of whom are also dealing with these and other issues common to boomers and seniors – like aging in place and probate / estate real estate needs. 🙂

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