Influenza Is Impacting Caregivers In A Big Way!

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Did you know that not only tells you the weather report? They have a flu report option as well. I just checked and, as you may have guessed, it’s not a pretty picture. Looking at the entire U.S. in a color code ranging from green to dark red, green means no flu activity and yellow is sporadic. The next three colors are all variations of red  to represent local, regional, and widespread cases of the influenza. Sadly, there is only one state that has the lightest shade of red meaning fewer cases. The rest of the U.S. currently is divided between regional and widespread. Other than one loved on in California, all of my friends and family join me in the darkest red – widespread influenza outbreaks.

I pretty much figured that’s what I would find, as we’ve been battling it ourselves off and on for the last couple of weeks. In fact, one of my beloveds is pretty sick and there was a possibility he would have to head for the hospital last nigh, which meant I would have spent the night there watching the others. In preparation for that possibility, I followed my own advice from an earlier article here at SandwichINK, and packed a bag. This morning, when I was blessed to discover he didn’t go in last night, I was thinking how handy the checklist was that accompanied that article. It’s even useful if you’re helping in someone’s home rather than going to the hospital. Since many of you may not have seen it, I thought I would repost it for you – Caregivers’ Hospital Preparation Checklist .

Hopefully you and your loved ones will all stay healthy and you won’t need to take anyone to the hospital, or babysit while someone else does. Just in case you do, I hope you will find that article of help to you, along with the companion article, Hospital Preparation for Caregivers. Also, if you’d like to see what the influenza report is for your area, just go to’s Flu Report . 🙂

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