Oodles of giant plastic play balls activities grandparents grandchildren

Plastic Play Balls Are Fun For Activities for Grandparents and Grandchildren

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Oodles of giant plastic play balls activities grandparents grandchildren

Giant Plastic Play Balls

My grandkids and I have such fun playing ball tag in their back yard. I love to find intriguing balls to play with. Today, it was one of the giant plastic play balls for kids. They had helped me pick it out a couple of weeks ago. I lobbied for pink. It was the grandBOYS though, so red it was. 🙂

Even the plastic play balls for the grand kids like Pink Saturday - notice the pink highlights on the left of this red plastic ball

Here’s a photo with one of their basketballs to show you the size difference! This was the first time we had used one of these for ball tag. It was quite interesting. Due to the size, it is slower when thrown. Meaning it was MUCH harder to catch those grandchildren!  I don’t know if you can you see the dust – it definitely got a good workout!

Here is the giant ball with one of the grandkids basketballs - quite a bit bigger

We stopped in the middle of the game – no, not to smell these lovely pink flowers, though I certainly wish THIS lovely hydrangea was in our senior gardening project – but, to discuss why the size of the big ball made it slower and how that impacts planes, jets, swimming, etc. One of those great one-minute-educational-activities for grandparents and their grandchildren. 

Took this picture with my easy to use digital camera while walking the granddog

Where to find giant plastic balls

In case you’d like to give these giant plastic balls a try, you may be wondering where they are found? I usually get mine at Walmart. I think they are under $3. Amazon also has a few options though less than I expected.

(2017 update – Would you believe it! I already have one of these fun giant plastic balls in my living room for my grandbaby. I got it when he was only about 6 months old. I admit. We didn’t do much with it then. But now, we are having fun with it, along with 4 other plastic balls of varying sizes. Hooray. More fun ball tag coming up. 🙂 )

Inflatable Giga Ball

When I was doing some research, I found out about the inflatable Giga Ball, including one big enough you can play in it! Can you imagine? I’ve never heard of such a thing but I can think of some grandkids who would LOVE to get one of these. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of reviews saying the Giga Ball takes a LONG time to inflate them and then many have popped or developed holes within a couple of days! Hmmmm. Have any of you tried them? I’d love to hear your experiences. 🙂

Toy Balls for Babies and Toddlers

Going from giant giga balls on down to tinier. Have you seen the small plastic play balls for a ball pit? These make fun toy balls for toddlers and babies plus they can enjoy them one one one or a whole pile of them in some kind of container. You don’t have to get a fancy ball pit. I’m using my plastic wading pool from the summer along with balls and stuffed animals. To be honest, I thought I was enjoying it way more than my grandchild. So I finally emptied it and took it back to the garage. But a few minutes later, while getting something out of the garage, my grandson spotted it and back it went to the living room. It made for a fun activity on a rainy day.

By the by, if you DO get a ball pit – make sure you also get the plastic toy balls. Not all of the ball pits come with the balls! The one above does NOT.  In fact, most didn’t. However you can buy them separately. Either plain, which are less expensive, or Phthalate Free  and/or BPA Free. Some are also “crush proof” while others aren’t. If twas me, I’d ask the parents which they prefer. 😉

What’s your favorite game with your grandkids?

We’d love to hear what fave game activities for grandparents and grandchildren y’all enjoy! 🙂




Updated 2017

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