Hooray - summer boredom gives way to educational fun for grandparents and grandchildren

How to Solve the “I’m Bored-itis” When Babysitting the Grandchildren – Part 1

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Sandwich Generation Summer Fun for Grandparents and Grandchildren

Uh Oh – The Grandkids Are Bored Already?

Memorial Day may have come and gone, school may be out, but as the calendar irritatingly reminds us, it’s not officially summer yet. In spite of that, while babysitting my grandkids today, I discovered a nasty case of “the summer doldrums!” You know what I mean. It was the “there’s nothing to do today, grandma!!!” all morning long.

They just got their swimming pool up. But with a nasty storm headed our way, it was too cool to get in. They didn’t “feel” like playing ball, swinging, playing a game – nothing, nada, zip, zero, BORED.

Help for the Sandwich Generation Parents and Grandparents!

The Sandwich Generation grandparents have mixed feelings about summer bugs - bad for elderly parents but great for grandkidsAt last, I remembered a wonderful list compiled by Jennifer who used to write at the blog Teaching Boys. It was titled  “Things To Do…When I’m Bored” that I had bookmarked. I pulled out my handy dandy iPhone, and started reading. Would you believe, it took us going through all the way to number 43 to generate any interest! “Catch an outside critter.” My youngest local grandson perked up, popped in the house to grab the bug catcher I gave him at Easter, and started turning over bricks.

I kept reading and at number  60, “Practice juggling,” a similar spark of interest gleamed on my oldest grandson’s face and off he ran to get his juggling balls and started juggling away.

Hooray - summer boredom gives way to educational fun for grandparents and grandchildrenMy cute grand- bug catcher needed a bit of help moving rocks and bricks but even then, we didn’t find much – at first. Finally, we found some worms under one. Great for fishing, but not so hot for his bug house.

Then I took him over to the side yard so I could snap a photo of some flowers that were hidden. While there, I shoved some rocks with my foot and, lo and behold, two “adorable” pill bugs. Hooray! Off they went inside the bug house. And by then, it was naptime – so in WE went to “rest’ time (which was not so restful, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject!)

More Summer Fun Help Coming for the Sandwich Generation!

This summer, if you are babysitting grandchildren, and your grandkids get hit with the summer “I’m bo-o-o-ored” doldrums, try the ideas up above, and then click here for even MORE ideas. AND…

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    • Jennifer
    • June 1, 2012


    Thanks so much for mentioning my “I’m Bored” list! Congrats on your hunting expedition! 😉 As far as juggling…..one day my son decided to juggle pizza…..not recommending that one……


  1. You’re very welcome Jennifer – and thanks so much for the great resource. And for NOT putting pizza juggling on there! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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