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Fun and Helpful Internet Safety Websites for Kids and Grandkids

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Internet safety information for kids and grandkids

Grandkid Safety

Younger (and sometimes even not-so-younger) grandkids coming over? How fun! Time to make sure our house is kid-friendly and safe. You know, make sure all medicines are up high, no unsafe cleaning liquids are easily accessible to little ones, and the computer is prepped with internet safety websites for kids. The computer? Yup. We grandparents of the internet age need to come along side our children in providing a safe environment for our grandchildren to surf the web. How do we do that?

Internet Safety For Kids – Facts and Info

1. Password protect all computers so that they have to check in with you before using one.

2. Make sure the computers they use are in an open area where you can supervise easily. If this is not possible, stay with them whenever they are using the internet. This is to supervise, assist them in surfing, and protect your computer.

3. Set up a User Account just for the grandkids.

4. Set the Screensaver on all accounts to turn on after 2-3 minutes and require a password to log back in. That way, if you forget to switch it to their account, it will help “remind you.”

5. Set up the homepage for a child-friendly page. My grandkids love Webkinz so I usually use that as the homepage. I’ve also used,, (Noggin has a $5.95 fee) and Kid Explorers.

6. Bookmark several kid-safe sites for the grandkids to use for searching, research, etc. Some sites that look like good resources include:

Internet Safety Caveat

IMPORTANT CAVEAT – Everything on the web is subject to change with little or no notice. In addition, a child can start on a safe site and then be taken to an unsafe, inappropriate site. It’s important for each of us to check each site before sharing them with our grandchildren, and keep checking them regularly. This is another good reason to have the computer in an area that’s easy to supervise.

internet safety websites for kids and grandparents

Internet Safety Websites for Kids – Extra Security

If you really want to make a totally enclosed safe environment, you can try a software like NetNanny or Norton Family which is included in Norton Premium (my personal fave). 

Your Turn

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