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How Does Amazon Prime Pantry Work for Caregivers?

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How to Get More Done in the Day?

Time! As we Sandwich Generation caregivers get older, and are caregiving for our elderly parents who are also getting older, have you noticed how much SHORTER our time becomes? I’m REALLY noticing it a LOT lately! That’s for sure! I’m constantly working out ways for how to get more done in the day! This is especially challenging for those of us in the midst of learning how to care for an elderly parent with dementia! Which made me really look into “how does Amazon Prime Pantry work?” And, “Can it help me?” And YES! I am very happy with what I’ve discovered!

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Amazon Is A Great Tool for Caregivers

Sandwich Generation money and time tips while caring for elderly parents

Amazon is definitely GREAT for caregivers! I’ve often shared how much I appreciate the many online options available at Amazon for all of us caregivers! I’ve definitely been using them more and more. This month, I decided they can become a bigger part of my own answer to “how to get more done in the day?”

In the past, I occasionally used them for things like tissue, paper towels, etc. when one of us was sick and I couldn’t get to the store easily. But this month, with my elderly mom’s health being a bit wobbly and my caregiving duties increasing, I decided to make that a more regular part of my routine.

Amazon Prime Pantry In The Past

I’ve actually tried using Amazon Prime Pantry a few times and it was OK. But it was a bit confusing to me. When I tried it, you were constantly updated on how full the box was. At first I thought the box had to be full. But someone said it didn’t have fill the whole box so I used it a couple more times. Still not a lot though.

How Does Amazon Prime Pantry Work Now?

Caregivers asking how does Amazon Prime Pantry work

Now, with all that’s going on, I’ve decided that at least once a month, I am ordering all my items online including Amazon Prime Pantry. It does take time.  Especially since I still do some comparison shopping. At times, it may even take me a bit more time than one shopping trip. BUT the goal of these  orders is to buy enough for at least a week or two and sometimes even the full month. And this longer trip online will end up saving me precious moments each week at the grocery store.  Now I’ll just shop at my grocery store for perishables and food. AND, most important to me right now – the time I spent on the computer “shopping” was time at home for more caregiving – when my sweet senior mom could talk to me. Or I could help her with any needs. The fact that it was also as cheap or cheaper than the grocery store was encouraging as well!

Amazon Prime Pantry Changes

I was very pleased to make a new-to-me discovery about Amazon Prime Pantry. I don’t know if you ever use Amazon Prime Pantry or had been curious about it?   This page explains it all. Just scroll down for the details.

Basically, it turns out they recently changed their policy. Now you can subscribe for a small monthly fee. Then when you make any order over their max you get free delivery. (Today that max was $40. That, of course, is likely to be subject to change in the months and years to come 😉 ). AND you get that free delivery any time you order in a month, as often as you like, as long as you spend over the max.

Alternatively, if you just use it every couple of months, you can just pay the normal shipping fee, which is a bit more than the monthly subscription – no matter how many boxes it takes.

Since I plan to make use of this at least once a month, if not more, it will save me at least a couple of dollars each month. I can see it saving me even more during colds and flu season!

Great Deals NOW At Amazon Prime Pantry

PLUS TODAY – 8/25/18 – they are offering some great deals to celebrate the season of Back To School! (If you are looking at this after the 25th, still check this page out! I don’t know how long this limited-time offer will last, but it’s definitely worth looking!   😉

  • I got my first month free (AND I can cancel anytime – during the first month, second month, etc.) (I actually did this yesterday, 8/24. Since I already subscribed, I can’t tell if it is still offered today but am guessing it is.
  • I got $6 off since I picked at least 5 of their highlighted items (I bought 4 Northern toilet paper packs – which I always use and often buy in quantity – AND one lotion I needed that was already on my list.) (THIS is still showing on 8/25 – maybe longer)
  • I got a free package of Cheerios Honey Nut cereal (if you don’t like that – it would make a great donation come Thanksgiving! 🙂 ) I saw it earlier today but can’t find the page I spotted this deal on. So pop it in your cart. When you go to pay, if it isn’t showing a credit – d

It was a great deal all around for me. And I thought it might be useful for you as well? One caveat to all this. Prime Pantry is  available in many states and cities, but not all. Again, click here now for full details. 🙂

Fun Blessings of the Sandwich Generation

Hopefully this will be a big help going forward in how to get more done in the day as I help my beloved mom, babysit adorable grandkids, work with sweet real estate clients, and blog away to y’all! The joy-filled blessings of the Sandwich Generation! And hopefully it will be a big help for YOU too! I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on this! 🙂




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