This cool retro red radio does not have half the stations sirius satellite radio provides on the iphone

How Did The Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny and Senior Mom Like Their Test Drive of the Sirius Satellite Radio App?

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My senior mom and dad enjoyed listening to Frank Sinatra on an old radio like thisWell, it's been over a month and it's now time to update you on the Sandwich Generation granny nanny's "test drive" of the Sirius XM Satellite radio app for my iPhone.

I downloaded the free app AND signed up for the 30-day free trial (you have to have both). It was pretty easy to do and worked much better than any of the other radio apps I'd tried.

My senior mom and I did have fun listening to several interesting stations. I'd say the Siriusly Sinatra is still her favorite – full of many much-loved songs he made famous, but sung by a variety of singers, including Frank Sinatra. Another great station for her is the 40s on 4. She and my senior dad loved the music of the 40s the best so that is a great option for her. 

The Sandwich Generation granny nannys senior mom loves to listen to the radio whether it is pink red or a black Grundig fr200 emergency hand crank wind up flashlight radioMy favorite satellite music station is always The Messenger with terrific praise and worship music playing 24/7. Sirius offers a couple of kids music stations but I'm not too fond of those. One is for little kids but includes songs with words I'm not crazy about. The other is the Disney station and with teens and pre-teens, I'd rather they be listening to educational and character-building songs more than songs about L-O-V-E. They'll get plenty of that anyway, so I'd personally just as soon not add to it. 🙂

I do love that there is an excellent variety of news stations and talk shows – both conservative and liberal. In my 30's, that would have been a favorite of mine. I still enjoy them during an exciting presidential race, to keep up-to-date on what's happening, but most of the time I like to listen to praise music, educational podcasts, and verse by verse Bible studies. 

If my senior mom wanted to listen to it all the time in the car, it would definitely be a great investment and gift that I would love to give her. But turns out she's just as happy as me to listen to the praise music on my iPod and we both tended to forget to turn Sirius on. For this particular season of my life, it's not really a practical choice. However, if you're in an area with poor choices of radio stations (that's me) AND don't listen to podcasts, I HIGHLY recommend it.

There is one caution I have to make, though. I still have the service after the initial 30 day trial BECAUSE, like so many other trial offers for limited times, I just plumb forgot to cancel it when a variety of caregiving needs all went crazy at once! Partly because they require you to call in rather than cancel online. So the first recommendation I would make is, put the ending date on your calendar (I did), and make sure you cancel it before the time, unlike me! 

With that being said, overall, I did like having the Sirius XM Satellite radio app on my iPhone. I DEFINITELY preferred it to ANY of the other radio apps I've tried. So if I was going to get back to listening to the radio on a regular basis, or if my senior mom wanted to keep the 40s music and old news shows, I would keep it in a heart beat!  How about you?

P.S. Happy Rednesday 🙂 !


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  1. What an interesting blog. Thee is so much technology today, it blows my mind.

  2. My hubby listens to Siriusly Sinatra too.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. 🙂 Isn’t it great, Susan! 😉

    • Myrna
    • November 10, 2011

    Thanks for the info , I ‘m not that much into radio . I do listen to one or two christian station sometimes .

  4. You’re WAY ahead of me when it comes to apps!


    A day filled with scarlet, they say,
    Can make the sad heart skip and play;
    For where red abides,
    A little bird hides
    And sings every worry away.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Plump, Ripe Persimmon

  5. Hi Myrna, Too true – our local Christian praise music station is always the first button on my radio 🙂

  6. Hi Teacher, I do love my apps! Way too much sometimes! hehehehe have to keep taking them off to get more memory 🙂 🙂 🙂

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