How Can Caregivers Eat Healthier While Running Errands?

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Are you having a hard time eating healthy and/or losing weight? I know I am. I’m trying to eat healthy foods and watch my calories (healthily) to drop the 10 pounds I gained back at Christmas. But I am also juggling schedules for several others besides myself so it makes it pretty tough at times. My goal is to have just a salad at dinner but when I’m spending that time period running to a doctor appointment with my mom or picking up a grandson to take him home, it doesn’t usually happen.

Tonight I had a yummy idea that I thought I’d share with you. I stopped at one of my favorite sandwich shops, Panera Bread, and picked up a soup and salad combination, with a whole grain baguette. Here are calorie and fat gram counts from Panara Bread’s website –

  • Low Fat Vegetarian Black Bean Soup – 150 calories 1 fat gram
  • Low Fat Vegetarian Vegetable Soup – 90 calories 1 fat gram
  • Fuji Apple Salad with chicken – 260 calories 15 fat grams
  • Whole Grain Baguette – 140 calories 1 fat gram

My favorite soup is the Vegetable, followed closely by the Black Bean. That means I can have the soup and salad with Vegetable soup for only 350 calories, and if I’ve been good, splurge with at least 1/2 the baguette. Relatively healthy eating and tasty to boot.

Now, take that delicious meal, and throw in an extra empty coffee cup. Pour the soup into the cup and you can drink the soup while you are driving. Then eat the veges when you stop. Save the salad for when you get home, or eat it without any salad dressing using your fingers (it’s less messy than eating french fries), and voila – you have a healthy and delicious meal on the go. I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t as frugal as, say, the Big McD, but sometimes it is more practical to be “frugal” with your health then with your money.  Enjoy!

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