Whether they live near or far - the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves easy crafts with kids - easy for us boomers and seniors too

Holiday Travel With Elderly Seniors or Young Grandkids? Air Travel Tips Just For You! Part 1

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Whether they live near or far - the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves easy crafts with kids - easy for us boomers and seniors tooOctober was a good month for autumn bliss AND grandkid visiting! I read that Grandma Lisa went to visit her long distance grandkids (and also got to meet our fellow grandmother blogger, Connie, from Family Home and LIfe – WHAT DOUBLE FUN!) in October while I was on a visit to my own long distance grandchildren. This was an extra special trip for me, too, as it was the first time in two years that my senior mom was able to join me! It was also a real "TRAVEL eye opener!" And, with holiday visits coming for many, i thought I'd take a short break from our iPad Adventures to share some of my new "air travel tips," such as:

  • TSA has made things MUCH easier when traveling with aging parents and/or young grandkids. If they are over 75 or under 13, they get to keep their shoes and jackets on. This is especially helpful for seniors dealing with arthritis and other range of motion issues. Not to mention parents and grandparents juggling young children plus all their belongings! Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
  • This does NOT always hold true, though. As this article explains, there are exceptions to these new rules so I would still go prepared with easy on/off jackets and shoes for all travelers. 
  • Remember all the brouhaha about the new airport scanning machines? I can't speak to the negatives about them, but I did discover a HUGE positve. Ever since my senior mom had her hip replaced almost 20 years ago, she has almost always had to have a total pat-down because of the hip hardware inside her body. We were delighted to discover the new scanners are sophisticated enough to recognize the metal in her body is from the surgery and no pat down was required! Another Hip Hip Hooray (pun unintended but thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂 )
  • Again, this does NOT always hold true. On our return trip, the scanner was down for maintenance. Back to the pat-down line she headed, leaving me to collect all our carryons, jackets, computers, iPad, etc. So go prepared for the "worst" and appreciate the best!

WOW! Plenty of tips and I'm not done yet. Check back next Thursday for more travel tips for boomers and seniors, traveling with elderly parents and/or grandkids! And…

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