Autumn and fall fun activities and ideas for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

The Holiday Season Has Begun! Christian Halloween activities for the Sandwich Generation from Kids to Seniors – Part 1

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Happy holiday Autumn and fall fun clip art activities and ideas for the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and babysitting grandchildrenAutumn bliss has taken over and my grandkids, senior mom, and I have been reveling in the lovely sights, sounds, and activities, as have many of you, I know. But time is scooting along way too fast and as the regular "count-downs to Halloween" with my grandkids keep reminding me, it's getting closer and closer. Since the Sandwich Generation issues of life are keeping me busier than normal this year, with health issues on near and far fronts, I realized it was time to make sure i was ready! 

And THAT reminded me of some fun halloween holiday ideas I wanted to share with all of you, so over the next week or so, I'll be posting plenty of blog articles with great ideas, from Christian encouragement ideas to allergy-safe treats for us all, starting with today's which came straight from one of my grandkids. With several friends sporting sparkling new braces, he reminded me to be sure and stock up on candies for the kids that are easy to eat, as many of them will also have braces. AND he reminded me to write about that idea – which I agreed was a scintillatingly brilliant one. So just for him, all his friends, and the other trick-or-treaters who have gaily decorated hardware in their mouths, here are:

RING POPS – a favorite with kids, tweens, and teens everywhere. Basiclaly, they are giant lollipops that "look cool" and taste delish and they just suck them, protecting those braces nicely (we won't mention the sugar-content, although I will add there are sugar-free ones available. 🙂 

Ring pops work well with Sandwich Generation granny nanny grandkids and their friends who wear braces

Pixy Stix – a perennial favorite since this baby boomer granny nanny was a kid! Basically sugar you swallow – again, gentle on the braces. 

These pixy stix are easy for our grandchildren with braces to eat without hurting their teeth

I also threw in  some Nerds and another baby boomer favorite – Smarties. Talk about your sweet family memories – and I do mean SWEET. 🙂 Those were always a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

Christian Halloween treats of candy pass it ons and tracts are fun for the Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids to give out

All in all, yummy, safe, quite cute and some very nicely pink ones, you'll notice. 🙂 Perfect for a very Happy Halloween AND a very Happy Pink Saturday for all of us in AND out of the Sandwich Generation! Got any more brace-friendly snack ideas from and for your grandkids? We'd love to hear. And if you're thinking of a candy alternative for those children with food allergies or intolerance symptoms, ME TOO – that's coming next week. Be sure to come back and…

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    • chubskulit
    • October 15, 2011

    My kids love nerds!

    Please come see my Pink, when you get a chance. Happy weekend!

  1. Good to hear! Definitely love to get the candy treats all the kids love 🙂

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