Holiday Savings On and Offline for the Sandwich Generation

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Black Friday. I mentioned it in my post on November 22, but then realized you might not know what I was talking about. Black Friday is the name given by stores and extreme shoppers to the Friday after Thanksgiving’s mega-deal shopping madness and fun. Supposedly stores hope to move their accounting figures out of the red column into the profitable black column. I have several close to me who love going out way before the crack of dawn to shop for the absolute best deals ever. It is as much a sporting event as a shopping trip and they look forward to it for months in advance. Me? I enjoy staying home and babysitting. Warmer, cuddlier, and way less dangerous! Have you seen how vicious some of those shoppers can get!

On the other hand, I do enjoy going out later in the afternoon for some sweet deals. Not as sweet as they got earlier, but still not bad. And if I can do it online I’m even happier. Anything that saves us caregivers time as well as money is wonderful!

Whether you prefer my route or the extreme shopping adventure, I’ve got some great info to share with you.

Here are some Black Friday-specific websites with early info to whet your appetite:


Black Friday Gotta Deal

Also, the Lean Green Family website had a great article on some basics for Black Friday plus some updated info on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is the Monday after Black Friday when a lot of computer and tech items go on sale. But according to both and Lean Green Family, those items might actually be on sale as early as Friday and if you are thinking of ordering online, they might even be throwing in free shipping. So if you are thinking of any tech purchases for gifts or for yourself, this is the week to really watch the newspaper and check the sites you are most interested in. And keep an eye on the above sites as well!

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