Holiday Fun With Grandchildren: Valentine’s Day

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Can you believe it? It’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday! Seems like just yesterday my grandkids and I were singing Christmas carols. Another year is flying by. Holidays are a great time to make some special memories with our grandchildren as we create special craft projects, work on kids coloring pages, word puzzles and mazes, and play fun holiday games together. Here’s several links to some Valentine fun and games for all ages.

Amazing Moms has several adorable Valentine projects including a Hershey’s Kiss Mouse, a traditional Swedish heart basket, and even a cute Valentine made from leftover Christmas candy canes! How frugal is that one!

DLTK is always an excellent source of coloring pages to print, work papers for homeschooling programs, etc. and Valentine’s Day is no exception. From a “Bee My Valentine” Muffin Flower Card that the littlest grandchild can work on, to Valentine anagrams and mazes for the older set, you’ll find plenty of fun projects for you and your grandchildren to enjoy! There’s also plenty of school projects for regular classrooms or homeschool classes, as well. Your grandchild’s teacher will love you if you volunteer to bring some fun Valentine worksheets to the party this Friday!

Danielle’s Place has simple as well as simply adorable Valentines your grandkids can make for their parents, great-grandparents, and you! Who knows, they may even talk you into helping them make these for each of their classmates. They’re really cute. Being a teddy bear lover, I’m especially partial to the Paper Plate Valentine Bear Craft. – now renamed to has three interesting projects. A fairly simple Bucket of Love for the little grandkids using marshmallows, a somewhat simple one for the older grandchildren, making a mosaic out of eggshells, and a fairly complicated Heart Keepsake Box that is beautiful.

Speaking of games, whether to help with a party for the day, or just to enjoy on the next grandkid visit, here are a couple of other fun links. First head back to Amazing Moms – for a tower race using candy hearts, and a fun story game for the older grandkids.

Then pop over to which also has some useful links for grandkid games and more.  They even have a fun online trivia game about Valentine’s Day. I took part 1 and got an 85! Then got a 95 on part 2. I decided I need to get back to writing this before I tried Part 3, but you can try all the parts and have lots of fun with those grandchildren as giggle and guess while working on the computer! If you take it, be sure to leave a comment and tell us what your score was 🙂

Well, time to set out the kids coloring pages, construction paper, and crayons. Let the Valentine games, and crafts, begin!

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