After the Sandwich Generation family has finished dealing with the days issues involved with caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren enjoy fun Wii games for kids and seniors

The Sandwich Generation: Educational and Fun Wii Games for the Whole Family – From Grand kids on Up To Boomers and Seniors!

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As I wrote yesterday, I had a good time picking out some great Wii games for my grand kids that could also be fun for some us boomers and seniors, and maybe even some of our elderly parents. Since most of my grandchildren are 9 and under, I went with the easier-to-play choices this time. But I also discovered some very interesting Wii games that would be fun, educational, and generate quite a buzz with seniors as well as kids. That's because they are based on favorite games shows like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and my senior dad's all time favorite – The Price is Right! They're perfect for the Sandwich Generation family, don't you think? After a long day of dealing with all the issues involved with caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren, we can gather our family around the Wii and have fun with a healthy dose of brain exercise. (I can just picture my sweet dad grabbing one of their senior cell phones and calling his sis to compare scores! 🙂 )

After the Sandwich Generation family has finished dealing with the days issues involved with caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren enjoy fun Wii games for kids and seniors

Even if your elderly parents aren't interesting in actually using the Wii or get confused by it, you'd be able to do all the controls for them and they could just have fun shouting out the answers. I have to say, I so wish this had been available a few years ago. My dad would have loved to go on the Price is Right TV show but never did. My husband and I did get to go and watch it, but weren't selected to play, as is the case with most people. But now, right in our own living rooms, we can enjoy a fun round together as a family. 🙂


Great Wii Games like jeopardy are perfect for the Sandwich Generation family dealing with fun issues like exercising the brain of the elderly and the kids and creating delightful family memories at the same time

Both Walmart and Amazon currently carry Wii Jeopardy online. Walmart's reviewers gave it mostly 5 out of 5 stars with one commenter writing, "The questions in the easy mode are not always as easy as you may think. Some were quite challenging.The medium and hard modes were downright difficult at times. But everyone had a blast. This game is true to the television show too, including secret wagers for final jeopardy. I would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of the show."

Amazon also gives it mostly 4 and 5 stars and says:

  • Test your knowledge across a wide range of topic through 2,400 categories in authentic Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy! rounds
  • Play against virtual opponents or bring the whole family together in 3-person multiplayer
  • Use Wii Remote to ring in and answer clues
  • Optional Wii Speak microphone functionality to answer clues verbally just like on the show
  • Enjoy fun "commercial break" mini-games and show related trivia
  • Full Mii support, even allowing for new outfits
  • Player tracking system that compiles content statistics over time

I did notice a couple of complaints about the Wii speak microphone so if you are not technically inclined and are thinking of getting one of the Wii microphones, I would make sure I bought that locally to get extra help and support. I know it's sometimes hard for us in the Sandwich Generation to get out and about, but if you need help, having a person there to walk you through it in person can be a big plus. 


Wheel of fortune is another of the great educational wii games for kids and seniors - good for keeping our boomer and senior citizen brains active

This is another of the fun Wii games for kids as well as seniors that is excellent for "exercising our brains." I have so many fun family memories of watching this and playing it out loud with my kids and wishing I could actually be there to do it in person. We may not get to win any prizes, but then again – adding to your fun family memories and keeping your brain active are pretty great in my book – how about yours? 🙂

It also gets overall excellent marks at Amazon in their reviews with some informative and detailed comments including this from CEagle: "WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!! Now it is on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Also, for the first time ever, you can play along with host Pat Sajak. Never before has Pat Sajak been on a Wheel of Fortune video game. Also, his voice is there along with Vanna White and the announcer Charlie O'Donnell. Also, do not worry about getting confused. Charlie O'Donnell, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White all tell you step-by-step how to play the game, whether you are using Wii Speak or not. Please make note of that, you do NOT need Wii Speak to play this exicting game…Now, here is what I really love about this game. It is literally to the show…It's Wheel of Fortune as it should have been ages ago!" It definitely sounds like fun and I like that you don't have to use the Wii speak if you don't want to.


My senior dad would consider The Price is Right to be one of the great Wii games for elderly seniors and kids but some reviewers are not so sure

Apparently this is a new edition of the original of the Price is Right Wii games. They've updated it to include:

  • Pricing Games (14 New Games) – Includes all of the favorites from the original and includes 14 new ones including Golden Road, Dice Game, and Safe Crackers
  • Custom Avatars – Design your avatar from head to toe, including body, facial features, hair and clothes
  • Unlockable Prizes – Earn achievements to unlock new customization options for your avatar (hair, clothes, accessories)
  • Improved Graphics – Improved 3D models, enhanced interactivity, and upgraded set/game design to match the modern show
  • Game Modes – Two single-player modes – 3 Strikes and Classic

As I said earlier, if my senior dad was still with us, I'd buy the red or pink (if they ever get one) Wii console JUST so he could have the great delight of playing this game. (Course then I'd also be able to play all the other Wii games at my house with my grand kids as well as my sweet seniors parents. 🙂 ). On the other hand, the reviews on this are really mixed – with some loving it and some hating it. It's the least expensive of the three, and I'd definitely get it for a die-hard Price is Right fan like my dad. But otherwise, I'd really check out the reviews carefully before purchasing it. I suspect for most Sandwich Generation families, Jeopardy and/or Wheel of Fortune would be more fun and more educational.

How about you? Have any of you and your Sandwich Generation family tried these fun and educational Wii games that are good for everyone from the grand kids to the seniors? We'd love to hear what you think of them. Can you believe it, Valentine's Day isn't even over and  I'm already thinking ahead to birthdays and Christmas. 🙂 

P.S. Don't forget to grab your cute Pink Wii remote controller to play, especially on PINK SATURDAY. 🙂

Dont forget the cute pink wii remote controller for the fun games for seniors and grand kids who love pink

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Dont forget the cute pink wii remote controller for the fun games for seniors and grand kids who love pink
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The Sandwich Generation: Great Wii Games for Kids and Seniors


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    • Cat Koehler
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    This is a fabulous idea! I’m ready to get a tournament ready for our family, now! Thanks Kaye!

  2. Sounds like fun Cat! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. The retirees need to have fun, play video games, and to travel. They can do all the things that they were not able to because they were busy with work and raising their families.

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