Hiding God’s Word in Our Hearts

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Church was great today! The music was wonderful and the sermon was interesting, educational, and funny (I love that combination). We were reminded of the importance of hiding God’s Word in our hearts that we might not sin against God. My memory is not so hot for memorizing any more but as I keep helping grandkids memorize their verses it plants those seeds into my head as well. I love that! I have fun making cute little charts for them with their verses and posting them all around the house. I have one hanging in the guest bedroom, I have one beside the toilet, and another one in the shower. I also keep one in the car for when we’re driving. During the school year, I use Awana’s verses and school verses. Each summer, we work on special projects. This past summer, we memorized The Lord’s Prayer. As soon as they have it totally memorized, we’re headed for Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate! For my grandkids who don’t live as close, I have fun making coloring pages and putting Bible verses on them. I also love singing Bible songs to them on the phone as we chat. It’s a great way to build memories, deepen our relationship, and share God’s love and Word together.


Another way I have found to plant God’s Word in my heart is to Scripture pray for others on a regular basis. I made a chart in Excel and listed over 90 of my favorite verses on it. Each day I pray for all of my beloveds – family, friends, neighbors, and others God brings to mind. (Yup, I have a chart with their names as well – that whole memory thing again J). I pray for various needs I am aware of.  I pray Romans 10:9 for any who are unsaved or not walking with the Lord. Finally, I read through and pray out the three verses I have listed for that particular day. Over the course of the month, I wind up praying 90 verses for all those people, as well as myself.  After doing that for several years, I’m finding many of those verses becoming more and more familiar to me and I trust that if ever it was necessary, God could bring those verses to my mind.


What ways have you discovered to hide God’s Word in your heart? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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