Dont you love this cute youth baseball clip art to help point out that Wii Sports baseball games are even more fun for all us boomers and seniors when you learn a few Wii sports baseball tips

Need Extra Help Learning Wii Great Games for Boomers and Seniors and Grand Kids? Got Some Tips and Helps To Learn Them!

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While visiting a friend over the holidays, I discovered she had one of the original Nintendo entertainment systems (NES) AND the original Mario Brother games my kids and I had so enjoyed decades ago. Talk about your sweet family memories – I was savoring the moments as she hooked it up and we started playing. Then, I realized…. While I'm enjoying it just as much, I'm also just as bad on the original as I am on the new Wii game console my grandkids have! Sigh! Well, you know what they say. Practice makes perfect! And finding a book, magazine or website that covers some of the various Wii Mario Brothers games as well as the sports bowling, baseball and tennis games, complete with secrets, tips, and tricks would be good too.

Dont you love this cute youth baseball clip art to help point out that Wii Sports baseball games are even more fun for all us boomers and seniors when you learn a few Wii sports baseball tips

I remember buying those types of magazines for my kids and they LOVED them! Of course, they used them to get so good on the games they left me behind in the dust. Made me feel a bit elderly even in my 30s, but that was fine with me. 🙂 Now, with the Wii, there are more games and more challenges than ever before and, since I'm flirting with senior citizens status,  I'm definitely ready for a little extra help so I went on a bit of a hunt for any Wii and Mario Brother games helps, hints, and tips guides. It definitely wasn't as easy as it used to be to track them down, in some ways. In other ways, though, thanks to the internet, it was easier. 

First, I found a Wii book in my favorite resource guides – The Dummy Series. I've been reading them since their very first Dummy Guide for computers and always find them useful. I just ordered Wii for Dummies and know it will be a big help when it arrives. It got great reviews at Amazon and the table of contents shows that it includes information on a wide variety of subjects including how to download Wii games then play those games (that's how my grandkids got their original Mario game that this baby boomer is so enthralled with 🙂 ). I'm especially looking forward to reading the chapters on Wii sports tennis, bowling, and baseball. While it's fun to play it without knowing specifics, it should be even more enjoyable when I understand more about it, along with hints, helps, tips, and maybe even some secrets to add spice to the fun. (Note – one thing this book does NOT cover is using Netflix through the Nintendo Wii channel. Perhaps it's new?)

In case Wii for dummies doesn't have enough hidden secrets revealed, I have a couple of other resources up my sleeves. Check back next Monday for more on those fun options. In the meantime, BATTER UP! It's time for Wii Sports baseball for all of the baby boomers and seniors in this Sandwich Generation household! 🙂

Love this cute country youth baseball clipart - makes me think of fun times with Wii games for boomers seniors and grand kids

P.S. Want your own copy of Wii for Dummies? Just click here. 🙂

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    • Tanya T. Vargas
    • April 18, 2011

    I agree with you Kaye, our kids generation today is really different from our generation. Because of this high technology they were influenced more to play computer games. But its still a good thing, at least you still have the time to talk to them or play with them.

  1. So true, Tanya! And as much as I love computer games, I also make sure we turn it and the TV off a LOT – for plenty of running activities for grandparents AND grandchildren, along with reading books together and just talking. 🙂 So vital, isn’t it!

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