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Staying Healthy and Sharing Heavenly Encouragement With Our Sandwich Generation Family – Part 2

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Encouraging and comforting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation-wallpaperIt’s not the first of the year! It’s the middle of spring! But here I am, working on a healthier diet – a combination of the South Beach Diet and just plain watching calories, working hard to walk more each day, and making good use of some fun mobile apps for my iPhone to help me with these and other projects. As members of the Sandwich Generation, don’t you find it hard to eat healthy many times – due to all the interruptions? Me too! But the time has come and I have a goal to lose 20-30 pounds. So I re-downloaded an old fave app, Lose It, which helps me track the calorie count of what I eat, as well as checking how many footsteps I take. I am only using it for the calories though, as I have another app for the footsteps that I like better – Pedometer++. It’s very handy, reportedly uses little power on my iPhone and, of the three I’ve tried, it’s the only one that consistently shows me the number as a badge AND shows me footsteps OR miles.

One of my grandkids was over yesterday and he “test-drove” another app I’d tried, Walk Log. That was HIS favorite because it lets you start and stop it AND it shows a map of where you are walking. He had a blast with it and enjoyed leading us around several blocks on our walk using that app. Very handy as well.

Staying busy with grandkids, my senior mom, and my real estate business means it’s doubly important for me to stay healthy – just as it’s vital you also stay proactive with your health – so we can keep on doing what we’re doing! And not just physical health. We need to watch out for our spiritual health as well. Both of these can work together to give us a more positive outlook on life or a more negative outlook, if we let these vital details “fall through the cracks.”

Which brings me to a couple of other mobile apps that are helping me in that arena. Snapseed to edit photos in my phone, MocaDeco to add Bible verses and other words to photos, and ImageChef when I really want to get fancy (like the photos below). Also a brand new one – Instasize – which helps me resize the photo at the top to use it for wallpaper for my iPhone. Here are three versions of this week’s Bible verse for y’all. I made two cute flower photos for my granddaughters and one that I bet my grandsons might prefer.

Encouraging and comforting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation-Rhododendrons

Another look at Encouraging and comforting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation-Rhododendrons

Encouraging and comforting Bible verses for the Sandwich Generation-one more look

What are you doing to stay healthy – physically, spiritually, or otherwise as we walk through this Sandwich Generation, caregiving, season of life? We’d love to hear.

P.S. To find part 1, click here.

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