Have Fun Making Christmas Ornaments With Grandkids

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Grandkids and Christmas are such a sweet combination! One of our favorite Christmas traditions is making Christmas presents for their parents, grandparents, and each other. My local grandkids and I have already started and are taking our time. I’m looking forward to visiting my long distance grandkids before Christmas and having a fun weekend doing a bunch with them all at once.

A drum Christmas ornament is always popular with the grandkids

A bunch of what you might ask? This year we’re sticking with the same grandma game plan as last year. I went to Michael’s, which is my favorite place for art and craft supplies, and bought a bunch of cute wooden Christmas tree ornaments and some fresh new art supplies. Since my grandkids are still pretty young, our needs are pretty simplistic – kids’ scissors, washable Crayola markers, and glue sticks. As they grow, though, I’m sure I’ll be getting more interesting kids craft items.

Making Christmas tree ornaments are fun for grandkids and grandparents

We have had fun for the past couple of weeks, coloring and decorating one Christmas ornament each time they visit. They each chose one ornament for themselves, as well, to start them off on their own collection of Christmas tree ornaments. I did this with each of my kids, and they still enjoy the ornaments they made and/or received each year. One very important tip – make sure you put their initials on the back of each Christmas ornament, along with the name of the recipient. I also like to put the date on the back. It's amazing how quickly we forget just a couple of years down the road.

Snowmen are cute Christmas tree ornaments for grandkids

I’m watching the sales ads closely right now. When I head to the opposite coast to visit my long distance grand-sweeties, I’ll either take more Christmas ornaments I found here on sale, or I’ll stop and pick them up there, depending on how good the sale is and how full my suitcase gets! 🙂

Such a cute gingerbread boy Christmas ornament

Christmas Day is only one day out of the year. Having fun with your grandkids making Christmas ornaments, cute Christmas decor, and delicious Christmas cookies stretches the fun out wonderfully and creates such delightful family memories! How about you? What are your favorite activities for grandparents and grandchildren during the holiday season? We'd love to hear. And for more fun grandkid ideas, be sure to sign up for the SandwichINK free email. 🙂

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    • Kenneth Howe
    • October 30, 2009

    Have Fun Making Christmas Ornaments With Grandkids | SandwichINK.com: Grandkids and Christmas are such a sweet .. http://bit.ly/4gbhiB

  1. Have Fun Making Christmas Ornaments With Grandkids | SandwichINK.com: Grandkids and Christmas are such a sweet .. http://bit.ly/4gbhiB

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