Happy Thanksgiving – Christmas is A’Comin’

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My grandkids and I were out shopping at Joann’s. We discovered some fun Christmas projects to start working on now – and they were on sale! Joann’s had really cute wooden ornaments on sale for 40% off. From angels to Nativities and snowmen to teddies, there were all sorts of fun ones to decorate. They even have some that allow you to put a tiny photo in to personalize them. You can paint them. If you are like me and not overly fond of mixing toddlers and paint, you can follow my example. Pick up some washable Crayola markers. They work on wood, the kids will have a great time making ornaments for their own tree or to give as gifts, and kids and supplies alike will clean up quite easily!

Great Christmas Gifts for Elderly Parents and Grandparents

We also bought some foam Christmas trees and stockings , along with a package of foam Christmas stickers, again at 40% off. After they finish decorating the trees and stockings, we’ll pull out the construction paper and make cute pictures. Yes, Grandma will probably make a picture as well, along with supervising all to ensure a peaceful, merry Christmas decorating party.

Christmas Foamies for Grandchildren

When we left Joann’s we were pleasantly surprised to receive a coupon with the receipt – for 50% off most items next week. Don’t you love frugal tips like that! I believe this sale ends tomorrow, Saturday, so if you’re interested in this, do hurry down if you can. Or check your sales ads for Joann’s and Michael’s on Sunday to see what new and fun projects might be on sale and grab those 40% coupons. And have a Merry Christmas decorating party too! 🙂

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