Happy Senior Citizens Day! Fun Senior Gardening, Sunflower House, and Bird Feeding Update for the Sandwich Generation

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Today is Senior Citizens Day. A perfect day to shine the spotlight on my senior mom along with her gardening and bird activities with her great-grandchildren. 


Both of these hobbies are so great for our aging parents – physically, mentally, and emotionally. And both are so rewarding – leading to lovely smiles and, often, gales of laughter. You should see my mom and grandkids howl when the squirrel jumps on the bird feeder rope and swings around and around and around. One of these days, I hope to catch a shot of it, but so far…

As this shot from my easy to use digital camera shows - my senior mom is preparing each bird feeder including replacing the suet that both the red Cardinal birds AND the squirrels love

The grandboys and great-grandma have had the best time planting several sunflowers, some in pots and some in the Sunflower House area. The flowers are growing nicely and we're looking forward to what something a bit different from the last two Sunflower Houses in 2011 and 2012.

My senior mom has been enjoying many gardening activities like the Sunflower House project - butterfly plant bush - and the Mr Lincoln red rose - one of the most fragrant roses around

If you read Saturday's post, Need Last Minute Mothers Day Ideas for Your Senior Moms, you know I was trying to find the time in the midst of all the Sandwich Generation issues swirling around me to pick up a pot of the lovely hydrangeas my senior mom had been eying recently. SUCCESS! And aren't they gorgeous. There are several massive blooms like this all over it. She has repotted it and added it to her "raised garden

The Sandwich Generation caring for aging parents loves to find gifts for the elderly parents in their family that make them smile - and these hydrangeas did just that

Happy Senior Citizens Day to all of us boomers and seniors – in AND out of the Sandwich Generation. Also, big changes are happening at Sweet Shot Tuesday AND Sweet Shot Tuesday 101 for us to check out. And…

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