Happy New Year to the Sandwich Generation

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Happy New Year! It’s 2009. The headaches of 2008 are behind us. That’s a wonderful thing!

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Now it is a new year and there is a new problem facing us, that hits annually. It’s not big, but it is a pain, and I’ve got a good solution. The problem consists of writing the wrong year on your checks, and everything else. I realize that in the whole scheme of things, some people might find this to be miniscule. But frankly it drives me crazy! It used to, anyway. There is a solution,however, and it’s simple.

Take out your checkbook(s). Write 2009 on every check for the whole pad that is in there. If you only have a couple of checks left in the pad, grab another pad and write it on all those checks. For most of us, by the time you finish using all those checks, you will be so used to it being 2009, you won’t forget to write it correctly on future blank checks. When you are done, help your elderly parents to do the same thing.

This is a quick and simple fix that can be easily done while watching the Rose Parade, a football game, or in between caregiving chores and playing with grandchildren. I’ve been doing this for years and am always glad I do. I hope it helps you too!

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! And thank you to WordPlay at http://hubpages.com/hub/vintage-new-years-clip-art for the Vintage ClipArt!

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