Happy Mother’s Day Floral and Musical Greetings to the Sandwich Generation

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HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY – whether you are a mom or have a mom or are caring for an elderly mom, I hope and pray it’s a day full of smiles, joy, and sweet family memories.  This card uses the flowers my senior mom and I are thoroughly appreciating this spring. Enjoy!

Happy Mothers Day 2014 from Kaye Swain REALTOR and blogger at SandwichINK

And in case you are staying close to home due to caregiving needs, here are some fun music videos to put smiles on your face and on the faces of your loved ones. A fun chance for some armchair travel AND music.

And one more…

To all of us in AND out of the Sandwich Generation, as we’re caring for elderly parents, babysitting grandkids, and staying busy in a myriad of other ways, have a blessed and beautiful Mother’s Day AND spring-filled week to come.

Beverly's Got tons of cute pink things each Saturday to put a smile on the face of the Sandwich Generation dealing with the issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren