Happy Harvest and Happy Halloween greetings from Kaye Swain Grandma Caregiver Sandwich Generation Baby Boomer and REALTOR

Happy Halloween Fun With Grandkids and Granddogs Near and Far

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Happy Harvest and Happy Halloween greetings and candy alternatives ideas from Kaye Swain Grandma Caregiver Sandwich Generation Baby Boomer and REALTORWe are at the beginning of the holiday season as well as in the midst of full-on autumn bliss around here. Changes have been occurring and will keep coming and I’ll be sharing those soon. But in the meantime, I was blessed to enjoy a visit with long-distance grandkids. And I didn’t travel alone this time. I had a very dashing and dapper companion, although he did have to be a bit squished…in a suitcase…. But oh my, the look on the grandkids’ faces made it all worthwhile!

This sweet scarecrow has been fun for kids and grandkids in Roseville California and beyond-Kaye Swain REALTOR

Yes, indeed. Our beloved scarecrow. That fellow has been in our family for over 16 years and my grandkids and I LOVE him. So I packed him up, took him to visit, and now he and I are safely back and he is ready for the cute trick or treaters coming later this week.

My senior mom and I are off to pick up more candy and fun candy alternatives as well as plenty of cute pass it ons to share sweets and the sweet Word of God with all the cutie pies coming to visit and looking forward to it. This year we will have an extra helper – one of my granddogs. He is going to be coming over to show off his costume

Pssst – sneak preview

Granddogs can be great therapy for elderly seniors in Roseville and beyond-Kaye Swain REALTOR

and then will stay a bit to keep great-grandma company and maybe even snooze with her, while I greet the big and little-uns at the front door. And I’m expecting a HUGE smile on his face when I take his cute costume OFF! He’s very sweet and patient at being dressed up but… Unlike a another pooch my senior mom just told me about who LOVES to dress up. 🙂

We all had holiday fun last weekend. My grandkids enjoyed various harvest fest fun and I got to help with our church’s Halloween party for the church and our local area. Quite fun and so many smiling faces!


A lovely Red Cardinal-none in Roseville California but blue birds aplenty on the West Coast-Kaye Swain REALTOR

Some of my grandchildren and their costumes as they head out to enjoy candy and candy alternatives -Kaye Swain REALTOR

A mysterious joy for grandparents in Roseville CA-Kaye Swain REALTOR

Life does bring a continual series of changes, doesn’t it. Yet through it all, it’s nice that some things stay fairly constant – especially sweet smiles from grandkids, loving hugs for senior parents, cute granddogs and delightful scarecrows. How about you? How is your Halloween week going? Got any fun ideas for the grandkids or the trick or treaters? Do you have a granddog who is dressing up? Yes! We’d love to hear and/or see pix. 🙂 Have a fun time!

P.S. I shared this adorable hair costume link at Facebook.com/SandwichINKforTheSandwichGeneration –  Be sure to click LIKE as that page gets updated several times a week.

P.P.S. You can find more fun holiday ideas at my Pinterest boards – CLICK HERE and do follow all as I update Pinterest regularly as well.

P.P.S. Be sure to check out my past articles on Halloween fun including these.  🙂

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  1. Loved reading your Halloween week fun! Your granddog’s costume just cracks me up! Wish I could get my pets to cooperate but even an orange bandana around Roxie’s neck makes her stand there stiffly, looking panicked!
    We like spending Halloween night at a daughter’s house, passing out treats for them so cousins can trick-or-treat together. A nice chili dinner precedes going out. It’s our tradition!
    Happy Halloween, Kaye!

  2. How fun Joyce! We used to do pizza each year. Haven’t for awhile but I think I will reinstitute that. Hmmmm, wonder if granddoggy likes pepperoni pieces 🙂 Thanks for the lovely visit!

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