This little miss is SO excited about the PINK SATURDAY birthday she got out all her cute girls hair accessories and picked one of the prettiest pink hair bows for baby girls

Happy Birthday to Pink Saturday from The Sandwich Generation

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Happy Birthday PINK SATURDAY from the Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny dealing with the multigenerational issues of caring for the elderly parents and babysitting grandchildren

It’s Beverly’s PINK SATURDAY birthday party at How Sweet the Sound and SandwichINK is joining in on the party with some blog post fun! Here are some lovely pink flowers to say CONGRATULATIONS!

These lovely roses to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PINK SATURDAY also make great gifts for the long distance elderly parents

We mustn’t forget the cute pink party hats!

The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom are taking a gardening break to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to PINK SATURDAY

In fact, this cute little miss went through all her little girls hair accessories and picked out her prettiest pink hair bow just for Pink Saturday

Fun activities grandparents grandchildren granddogs

I considered getting out my pink Cuisinart  kitchen Powerselect hand mixer  and baking cookies for the occasion


Then I realized that between caring for elderly parents, senior gardening projects, babysitting grandchildren, grandteen’s school finals…. Nope, I’d never get them done. So I went with my favorite cookies for the grandkids

I’m even decorating my house for the occasion – with some fun pink butterfly accessories (they’d be lovely for gifts for the elderly relatives confined to a bed as well 🙂 )


I’ve got the lights turned on and the battery operated pillar candles burning brightly!

My grandkids love Pink Saturday too and definitely wanted to join in the fun along with their newest Webkinz stuffed animals – the Zumbuddy, like this adorable pink butterfly


And, of course, no birthday is complete without one of the many HAPPY BIRTHDAY songs and, thanks to Smilebox, we can enjoy this cute one. (Don’t you love how you can . ) Just click the arrow and enjoy.  🙂

Click to play this Smilebox invite


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BEVERLY and her wonderful PINK SATURDAY. We in the Sandwich Generation appreciate the happy smile her pink blog party blesses us with each week. 🙂



PS More pink smiles for your home 

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    • lea
    • May 28, 2011

    i want the adorable pink grandbaby, and the
    lovely pink mixer!

  1. Really good plan with the animal cookies Kaye – love those little things! 🙂

  2. Cute Pink Saturdays card and LOVE the Bible verses for children and grandchildren on the sidebar!

  3. 🙂 Lea 🙂

  4. Thank you Nicole. 🙂

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