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What is your favorite season? Mine is Autumn. It officially starts tomorrow and I can’t wait! I love the cool crisp days and nights. I love the crunchy leaves. I love the sights and sounds and fun times. I love decorating for Harvest Time. I loved it as a newlywed. I loved it when my kids were young. And I love it as a Baby Boomer Generation caregiver. I just plain love Autumn.

I am thrilled that my grandkids all love it as well! Sharing our traditions with them and learning the new traditions they have started is all part of the heritage we are creating for our families.

When my children were young, we collected leaves and put them around the house while singing fall songs together. These were songs I had made up and set to Christmas song tunes.

Happy Autumn to all Sandwich Generation Parents - Grandparents - Caregivers - and other Multi-Generational Caregivers

Some of that has changed – we don’t usually bring the leaves into the house anymore (I have developed allergies). But we love to crunch in them outside and watch as the wind swirls them around for a lovely “Autumn Ballet.” I love to share that imagery with my long-distance grandkids as we enjoy talking about the leaves dancing outside.

When we are discussing our “Autumn Ballet,” it is a great time to talk about God. It provides a powerful picture of Him and how He works in our lives. We may not be able to see the wind, but we see it ruffling the leaves in the trees, carrying them around in the air and skittering them around on the ground. We may not be able to see God, but we see His power at work in our lives when we pray and He answers, when we see Him protect us from an accident on the freeway, and when we read His Word and see it apply directly to our lives.

It’s fun finding autumn pictures for all the grandkids to enjoy coloring and decorating. I keep a close watch on Target’s $1 bin and the local Dollar stores for fun projects for Autumn, Thanksgiving, and harvest time. Last year Target had turkey sticker projects, autumn picture frames to decorate, and Pin the Tail on the Turkey games. Needless to say, I scooped up plenty for all my grandkids. We can incorporate them in their home schooling program, as well as just having fun. These are memories we can all share and enjoy, right now and as they grow older.

Here are some Autumn Coloring Pages Fun for you to share with your grandkids. On a PC, you can right click on each picture, select COPY. Then open a program such as Word and select EDIT, PASTE. You can change the size by selecting the picture, press on the CTRL key with your left hand while pressing the left mouse key, and dragging. This will increase the size proportionally.

image image image image

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