Handy Tips and Tools for Sandwich Generation Caregivers: A Cold Compress For Each Need

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny appreciated granddog modeling this ice pack for us - complete with a faux look of illness

Ice Cold Tools for the Sandwich Generation

It's Sweet Shot Tuesday and my granddog and I thought that would be perfect timing to share some great tools our Sandwich Generation family has used this month. (He's such a good model – he even put on a woeful look, just for this post. 🙂 ). Ice packs and ice bags can be very helpful for all of the members of our multigenerational family. I've collected a full selection over the years, so now we can pull out a small ice pack for a young grandchild with a boo boo…

A small cold gel pack can be useful for small areas or small grandchildren

or turn to one of several varieties of hot and cold gel packs for our elderly seniors after a surgery. (Make sure you read the directions carefully when switching from cold to hot or vice versa!)

These hot cold gel packs come with their own cover to protect your skin

Loved These Mueller Ice Bags!

Even retro-looking ice bags like these Mueller ice bags are especially helpful for such things as carpal tunnel surgery. 

The Mueller ice bags are one of the favorite tools of this Sandwich Generation granny nanny

We put one of the flat hot and cold gel packs under the hand, filled the Mueller ice bag, then draped it over the hand and it worked great. 

For the wide variety of injuries in the Sandwich Generation family an ice bag like the Mueller ice bag including the blue 9 are great

Soft Tip for the Hot and Cold Gel Ice Packs

One important tip on the hot and cold packs is to make sure you get the ones that stay flexible even when frozen. I've accidentally bought the wrong ones once or twice and those stay hard and uncomfortable. But the ones that stay soft mould nicely around knees, ankles, etc. Perfect for the multigenerational family with a variety of needs. So, what do you and your Sandwich Generation family use for cold compresses? 

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