Make sure your elderly stay safe driving on Halloween and throughout the year

Halloween Safety is In the News for Seniors as Well as Kids!

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Halloween safety is big news for kids at this time of year, but it's also important for seniors too! According to the Tennesse Highway Patrol, "Halloween is one of the most dangerous holidays on the road due to alcohol-related crashes by drivers who make the mistake of drinking and driving after parties and festivities. Two-thirds of all highway fatalities at Halloween involve alcohol."  That means our grandkids are at risk, and so are any of us boomers and seniors who may be driving on Halloween night. In fact, since Halloween, 2010, is on Sunday, the whole weekend is a time for extra caution. I've heard of parties being given on Friday night, Saturday night AND Sunday night this year!

We had a pumpkin load of fun with our activities for grandparents and their grandchildren

For all of us with senior parents who are still driving – or for that matter, for all of us baby boomers who may or may not exactly qualify as seniors but who still have to drive extra cautiously at night – it's going to be especially important to be extra alert this weekend. That includes:

  • Make sure we have our cars all in good and safe drive-able shape – safe tires, repairs caught up, etc.
  • Watch extra closely for drivers who may have been drinking or are otherwise driving unsafely
  • Keep a close eye out for children who may be out and about and may not only not be watching carefully but also NOT be easy to see – And remember, they're going to be excited, not paying attention and could even come running out from between parked vehicles as well as bushes and shrubs. 
  • Do not pass other vehicles that have stopped in the roadway since they could be dropping off children or other passengers
  • Pay extra attention when you pull in and out of driveways – your own or someone else's. Kids don't think twice about running onto driveways or even up and down driveways – even when they don't live there!

So much fun with these fall pumpkin table decorations activities - easy crafts for kids and seniors

For many of us, our fall pumpkin decorations are out, our scarecrows are hanging around on our couches (that's coming in tomorrow's post! 🙂 ), and the candy and pass-it-ons are ready to give to all the little trick or treaters. We're looking forward to pizza, soda, and adorable monsters and princesses. Halloween can, indeed, be a fun time but it can also be a dangerous time for a raft of reasons. And we don't want to have to live with the thought we might have accidentally hurt someone – even if it was their fault – when some extra caution and a lot of praying can protect us all! Now that idea is good news for all of us, whether boomers or seniors or both, not to mention our cute little grandkids!  Have a blessed, fun, and SAFE weekend!

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  1. Halloween Safety is In the News for Seniors as Well as Kids! via – Halloween safety is big …

  2. Halloween Safety is In the News for Seniors as Well as Kids …

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