This granddaughter loved her cousins bag head and followed his grand example

Our Halloween is Going to the Dogs!

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Two tiny pumpkin head scarecrows share a laugh with a monster head scarecrowThis year’s cute and tasty Halloween giveaways at my house will include plenty of M&M peanuts (my fave), Snickers bars (my senior mom’s special treat), healthy alternatives to candy and adorable poochies complete with encouraging Bible verses!

My grandkids (both sets) have seen them, highly approved of them, and begged for them. Based on their reactions, there should be plenty of oohs and aaahs from one and all little masqueraded cutie pies as they come to visit my senior mom and me this year.

This Sandwich Generation granny nanny and grandkids LOVED these cute dogs and their encouraging Bible verses

For that matter, oohs and aahs have been highly prevalent the past two weeks while working on our scarecrow projects, along with giggles, chuckles, wild and crazy laughter, and adorable comments, like “I’m taking my scarecrow to bed with me!” “Me, too!” 🙂

This granddaughter loved her cousins bag head and followed his grand example

Moving to a new house continues to be our big thrust but we can stand living longer with boxes in each room if it means more fun times for grandparents and grandkids. And aren’t those encouraging “moving to a new house” verses, as well as  for so many things? 🙂 Now if I could just find that one box with my checkbooks, oyyyyy…

How about you and your grandchildren? Got anything special going on that trumps moving, cleaning, or other totally necessary, yet unnecessary chores? 🙂

Fun for grandparents - in AND out of the Sandwich Generation - at Grand Social

P.S. Some fun Harvest and Halloween kids and adult coloring pages for you to enjoy 🙂

Harvest Halloween Kids and Adults printable coloring pages for harvest and Halloween via Roseville CA Kaye Swain blog

Autumn Halloween scarecrow kids adult printable coloring pages via Kaye Swain Roseville CA blog

Christian Inspirational quotes Halloween kids adult printable coloring pages via Kaye Swain Roseville CA blog

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  1. NOTHING trumps moving! You have your hands full! Good luck finding the checkbook! Love your scarecrow!

  2. The grandkids come every day for play and breakfast before school, and a couple afternoons each week. Their Legos and other toys get spread out everywhere, and guess what? Most of the time we leave them right where they are. Some day, all too soon, our house won’t look like a day-care center, but meanwhile we love the mess and the life it represents.

  3. Right there with you, quite often, Nancy. I’d probably be there even more except that their great-grandma is a bit unsteady at times so I have to keep reminding myself and the grandkids to keep things picked up more for her 🙂

  4. THANKS, Kc 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I love the scarecrows. Smart idea I’ll have to copy. (Oh, and we have the same taste in candy. I love the Peanut M&Ms… and Snickers, too.)

    Good luck with your full plate!

  6. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. This is darling!
    (Just getting caught up on your posts after a month of bronchitis – yuck!)
    I love how little kids always want to sleep with their favorite new gifts or projects! If it’s a craft they made with me I feel on top of the world when they say that!

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