Christian Halloween activities for the Sandwich Generation from Kids to Seniors – Halloween Candy Alternatives

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This happy holiday Candy corn is fun as are toys that make great candy alternatives via Kaye Swain Roseville CA real estate agent and Christian bloggerTrick or Treat! I really enjoy seeing all the cute little (and not so little) boys and girls when they come to our door, all gaily decorated, and adorable bags and sacks in hand. Most of them get yummy candy, including braces-friendly candy this year, along with some kind of coloring page or “pass-it-ons” with encouraging Bible verses on them. I think it’s such a fun way for Christians, including grandparents and grandchildren, to make Halloween extra special.

As a Christian the Sandwich Generation granny nanny loves to find the kids with autism food allergy or other intolerance symptoms cool yet nice halloween treats in lieu of candySeveral sweet children, though, will get those cards in some special goodie bags I made up. These bags will have NO candy, due to various food intolerance symptoms and allergies that they are dealing with in a very self-disciplined way – and we are ever so proud of them. Since they can’t have candy, I always have fun picking out cute little Halloween toy treats, looking for the more positive perspective of cats, bats, and spiders, along with the ever cute pumpkins. All of these are fun and healthy alternatives to candy.

These googly eyes are terrific for fun candy alternatives for Halloween via Christian real estate agent and social media blogger Kaye Swain of Roseville CA

From fun googly eyes, including red for Rednesday and pink for Pink Saturday, to toys that are baby boomer favorites like the paddle ball to cute little notepads, spider rings, and even pumpkins, these cute candy alternatives in goodie bags are fun, safe, wholesome, and healthy. And, of course, they will also have the cards I picked out – each with encouraging Bible verses on them. A lot of fun for the kids and this Sandwich Generation grandmother and her grandkids for Halloween. Do you have special needs that you prepare for at Halloween? We’d love to hear what you’re up to. 🙂

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