My senior mom loves the same hairstyle as the Queen of England in this public domain image from NASA

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My senior mom loves the same hairstyle as the Queen of England in this public domain image from NASAMy senior mom and I had a lovely day out and about today. We went looking at shoes, then had a delicious lunch at Red Lobster (complete with a coupon she had clipped for us).

Barnes and Noble was next on the list, where we discovered a cool special issue of the National Geographic kids magazine – "Angry Birds Explore the World!" Our grandkids will like the Angry Birds aspect while we loved the fact that it is packed with animals, fun facts, games, maps and more for all the countries they will be learning about this year in their homeschooling program. Very cool!

Then we were off to the beauty shop for a permanent for my mom. The one frustration in the day was for her to decide what to do with her hair. Along with so many other seniors, she is dealing with the effects of aging on her thinning hair and that does make it so difficult to work with. We had looked through the various hair style magazines at Barnes and Noble and didn't spot a single woman over 30 or 40! Even the books at our stylist's were lacking boomer and senior models, though in the past, I have spotted some. Usually only 1-2 pages though. We weren't the only ones frustrated either! Another boomer/senior daughter/mom were in the shop today, wanting to look through ideas for the senior mom. (Ahem – if any marketers are reading, it does seem like there's a great niche here!)

Our wonderful stylist came to our rescue for next time! And we thought y'all might like her suggestions as well. She said they often went to Google and typed in something along the lines of:   

hairstyles AND women over 70. When I did that, I got these results:

Then I typed – Hairstyles AND women over 80 and got these results:

I was quite pleased with some good results. I was less than pleased at a large number of junk sites as well that are using the key word but when you visit the site you won't spot a single person over 30 or 40 and if there are any styles showing, they were way fancier than mom and her compadres were interested in. Still and all, my mom now has some great new places to look and she was very happy.

And best of all – I also found a site, "Help! Aging Parents!" by a fellow boomer/senior with great tips! Guess what, the writer is also a fellow finalist in the Best of the Web senior resources. 🙂 

All in all a great day, great resources, and a great ending with a sweet grandchild and one of his buddies over to scooter, sword fight (thanks to soft swords from Dollar Store) and enjoy fun checkers! How's your week going? We'd love to hear! AND we'd love to hear if YOU have found any useful thinning hair styles tips and tricks! 🙂 

P.S. Her hat is covering most of it, but Queen Elizabeth's hairstyle in the pix above looks like my senior mom's fave. How about you? 🙂 


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