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Grief Help for the Sandwich Generation

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All of us, at one time or another, will need to deal with death and the grief that entails. As members of the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents, depending on the circumstances, we may deal with it more than the norm.

One resource that has blessed my family and me tremendously personally, as well as helping others after I told them about it, is a website called GriefShare. I discovered them over seven years ago. About a year after I first found it online, I noticed my church had started offering their materials. Since then, I’ve visited other churches who also offer it. I can tell God is using the people and their site to bless many and I can see why.


At GriefShare, you can click on a link to have them send 365 emails to you, one per day for a year. Each email is encouraging, helpful, and Biblically-based with comforting Bible verses and devotionals. Each email also has a recommendation for grief and loss books and other resources, which you can order directly from them if you like. I have purchased several of their recommendations and found them to be an excellent addition to my library.


Their online bookstore carries a wealth of materials and resources that can be hard to find elsewhere. When I first found this site, they did not have as much to offer as they were fairly new. When I used them again a couple of years ago for a friend, I was very pleased to see how much they have added in just a few years. I have recommended them several times and have them bookmarked for myself for future reference.


They also offer a six week Bible study with even more comforting Bible verses and devotionals that you can participate in at a local church or do on your own through their site. I worked through this myself and was very blessed and comforted in the process.


In preparing this post, I noticed they have also added a section on how to deal with grief and loss during the holidays. I know how hard the first few holidays are after you lose someone close. For the Sandwich Generation caring for elderly parents and helping with the grandchildren, it can be doubly difficult as you deal with your own grief and loss but also are helping others, including children and grandchildren, deal with theirs. GriefShare’s holiday resources include a section specifically for helping grieving children through the holidays.


This site is one I would save even if you don’t need it now. As fellow members of the Baby Boomers Generation, someday you or someone you know will need it and you will be so glad you have it bookmarked.

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