Aging baby boomer eyes have a hard time with pictures in the same color as the product - and the Sandwich Generation is too busy to want to deal with this

Great Tools for the Sandwich Generation – 2 Most Definitely Useful iPhone Apps for Aging Boomer and Senior Eye Issues

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Aging baby boomer eyes have a hard time with pictures in the same color as the product - and the Sandwich Generation is too busy to want to deal with thisOh my! Talk about frustrating. My senior mom asked me to help her figure out her portable cd player. But the tiny print on the blue case was also in blue. Combine that with my aging baby boomer eyes and I was in "Squint City!" I''d be tempted to get a complex about how hard it seems to be getting, but I've done enough research to know I have LOTS of company! And really, I can't blame it all on my aging eyes. Fast food drinks and restaurant meals may be getting larger (terrible for our over-50s metabolism!) but so many other things are getting much smaller – often including the print. And don't you love it when you're trying to read something on a colored background and the print is just raised letters in the same color! That makes it difficult for ANYONE to read! Very slow and frustrating for anyone and especially those of us in the Sandwich Generation who just don't have a lot of spare time to begin with! 

the apple ipod or itouch are great ways to keep grandkids busy and happy with fun educational and useful iphone apps for kids - seniors tooFinally, I pulled out my handy dandy iPhone and with the help of one of my cool apps for the iphone, I was able to read the control "names." It didn't help with that CD player (more on that in a future article), but it did help my frustration about reading the small print. (I believe these apps should also work on the current iTouch 🙂 )

I have two very good "magnifying glass apps" for the iPhone –  No Glasses Lt and a brand new one to me, thanks to the great advice from Esther Surden at Tech and the Baby boomer – EyeReader.

  1. No Glasses Lite is terrific – it magnifies an item 1x, 2x, 4x, or 6x and lets you "freeze the picture" which is basically taking a photo of it in the expanded view. As you can imagine, the freezing is a definite help for those of us whose hands are not totally steady (that's been me since my 20s or 30s – probably good ole caffeine 🙂 ) I've been quite happy with this free version. There is a paid app as well that also includes anti-shake, image enhancement, and image saving. I recently purchased that but so far, I prefer the free one. It's easier to use and goes to 8x. The paid app is a bit trickier and only goes to 4x. Just go to your iPhone apps store and type in No Glasses for the free or No Glasses 4x to read more about the paid version.
  2. EyeReader is also great. It only has one size and doesn't freeze the thing you are looking at BUT it has a great light that works with the magnifier – a tremendous help for all of us boomers and seniors – especially in areas that are not well-lit. As Esther shared in her article, this app is part of a group of "silver apps" created by fellow baby boomers, Gerry and Carol Lavender, and will soon be available for the Android as well. Very cool! To find it, search in your iPhone store for EyeReader by Netsoft (not EyeRead, which I have not tried out 🙂 ).

I've even used these helpful apps for educational purposes with the grand kids! When my grandchildren had a homework assignment that required the use of magnifying glasses, there was no hunting around to find one. I just pulled out my iPhone and back to studying we went! 

Talk about most useful iphone apps for baby boomers and senior citizens! These definitely fit the bill! They are a big help for any of us with small print problems. And since my iPhone is always with me, I can resolve these reading issues quickly. And quickly is ALWAYS a blessing for us when the Sandwich Generation juggling issues are keeping us extra busy, isn't it! 🙂 

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