This cute country pink ribbon breast cancer awareness clipart is to remind all of us in the Sandwich Generation to get checked regularly

Great Resources for the Sandwich Generation Issues of Caring for the Elderly Parents and Relatives in Our Families!

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The Sandwich Generation granny nanny and senior mom got this omron series 7 blood pressure monitor and love itWe’ve continued using our new Omron 7 series blood pressure monitor and it’s still getting straight A’s from our Sandwich Generation family.  Plus Mary from EldercareABC and her family also use and like this home blood pressure machine and cuff. She left a sweet comment saying, among other things, “My Mom has an Omron and it has been going steady since 2006 when she first purchased it.” Definitely a great resource to help us with caring for our elderly senior parents!

I especially appreciate that it is quite easy to take my own blood pressure as well as taking my senior mom’s blood pressure. One tip though. Make sure to keep the blue line centered on the inside of the arm, as the directions state. I took my mom’s blood pressure and forgot about that. Re-taking the blood pressure right away with the correct placement did bring up a different set of readings, that I presume was due to the adjustment. 

Speaking of EldercareABC, be sure to check out my latest guest posts there:

And here are the two most recent of their EldercareABC blog carnivals:

Two more of my favorite resources for the Sandwich Generation, caring for elderly parents, are Seniors For Living and Caregiving. They co-host the bi-weekly #ElderCareChat at Twitter. Seniors For Living has posted great recaps of all the latest #EldercareChats:

  • #ElderCareChat 10/5/11 Recap: Downsizing, Dealing with Seniors’ Stuff
  • #ElderCareChat 9/21/11 Recap: Best Caregiving Tips
  • #ElderCareChat – Past recaps full of useful information and tips for taking care of the elderly parents and relatives in our families.

These are all such great resources for all of us in the Sandwich Generation! What a blessing! And don’t forget, tis the month – to get checked! Don’t forget that mammogram!

This cute country pink ribbon breast cancer awareness clipart is to remind all of us in the Sandwich Generation to get checked regularly

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