The size of raisins - these were unreachable - till I grabbed my senior moms extended long reach tool

Saved by A Magnetic Claw Pick Up Tool!

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What do you do when your grandkids visit, play with the cute toy you got them with little rubber feet to help it “walk” along the wall, and it lands on a ceiling just a bit too far to reach? 

Yup, that was my situation a few weeks ago. It was the cutest little toy, with little jelly balls on the end. There it was, clinging to the ceiling, and busy laughing at me – or so it looked after the grandchildren had left and i was trying to figure out how to get it down. 

The size of raisins - these were unreachable - till I grabbed my senior moms extended long reach tool

A broom, I thought. That’s tall enough. I grabbed the broom, whacked at it, and sure enough, the little critter came down. Only problem? The jelly-like balls for feet stayed stuck to the celing. Getting interrupted, I decided to deal with it later and left. My senior mom came by, spotted the black spots, and almost had heart failure. “What kind of bug invasion is this!” she thought. Spotting me coming inside, she excitedly told me about the strange insects crawling up toward my bedroom. She was SO relieved to discover they were just balls of plastic goo. AND she gave me a brilliant suggestion.

Try my reacher grabber!. It’s got an extended long reach and is a very handy dandy tool. I’ll bet it will work.”


“Great idea, mom!” I exclaimed and ran off to find the long magnetic claw pick up tool – basically a lighted claw on a stick. Climbing up the stairs, I was delighted to find I could comfortably reach the ceiling where the goo balls were. It took a few minutes and some good, albeit safe, stretching. At the end, though, all the goopy balls were safely snug in the trash can, mom’s magnet pickup reaching tool was snugly resting in its home in her toilet paper holder, and peace reigned in our Sandwich Generation household once more. 

This lighted magnet pickup reaching tool is a big help for a Sandwich Generation granny nanny caring for the elderly parents in the family as well as for the seniors in your life

When I looked this handy tool up on Amazon today, I noticed it was no longer available. But I did find another option at Amazon with an LED light. You could also check local area stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

And if you just want a reacher grabber without a light, there are lots of those available at Amazon.

Have you ever tried a reacher grabber? How did you like it?

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