Grandparents: Kids’ Sites and Safety Tips

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Lydia wrote in to share an interesting looking kids’ site. KidzClix is a subscription-based educational kids’ site with new options monthly. It’s one I’m not familiar with, so I will follow my normal procedure of researching it well, then taking it for a test drive for the free “issue” they offer. After that, I will then subscribe for at least a month and bring in my team of experts to co-consult with me – my grandchildren of all ages 🙂 . When I am done, I will write a review of the site to share with all of you. In the meantime, I would value your input as well. If anyone else has used it, please write me at or leave a comment below. Lydia, I would love it if you would write again and let us know what your favorite sections are.

While we are on the subject of reviews and new sites, it’s a good opportunity to remind us all that it is vital to practice safe surfing, especially when our children and grandchildren are going to use a site. Whenever I hear of a new kids’ site, even if it’s recommended by a trusted source, I always test drive it before turning my grandkids loose on it. Some of the many things to be aware of are:

  • Inappropriate ads
  • Too many ads
  • Inappropriate content
  • Age-appropriate content
  • Options for children to be contacted by strangers

There are probably other items to be watching for as well. What do you look for when you check out a site for safe surfing for grandkids? Do write and share those tips with us as well. Also, if you have other sites you want to share and/or want us to research, jot us a note. I already have three other sites I will be researching and reviewing over the next couple of months. The more the merrier!

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