Grandparents: Have a Ball-oon with Your Grandkids

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My grandkids love to visit my mom for a variety of reasons. One in particular is something that is totally endearing and, I know, will leave special memories they will share for a lifetime.

She regularly buys big bags of balloons – all shapes and sizes. She purchased a nice-sized, easy-to-use hand pump. When the local grandkiddies come visit, they love to run into her room and ask Great-Grandma if they can play balloon with her. She’s even been known to pack all the equipment up to take with her on out-of-town trips.

They surround her, excitedly laughing, as they all put their heads together to pick out which balloon they each want. Then they take turns with her, pumping up the balloons. Sometimes they tie knots in them and play with them. The long, skinny ones are great for safe and fun “sword fights.” The fat, round ones make great volleyballs. Other times they don’t tie them up. They just blow them up and then let them go, laughing hilariously as they fly around the room.

This fun activity doesn’t cost much and it doesn’t take much strength. It does provide lots of fun and interaction between young and old.

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