Stratego is fun for grandparents and grandchildren

Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old(er) Grandparent New Games!

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Snow fun to play games with grandkids in between working with real estate clients searching for homes with universal design and aging in place options.jpgMost of our country has been in the throes of nasty weather recently. That means a lot of indoor time together when the grandkids come to visit or we are babysitting – unless of course, you live in wondrously warm places like Honolulu, Hawaii or San Diego, California? Even then, you might still be enjoying some indoor games with your grandkids as I’ve been doing the past few weeks.

My grandkids and I have been having fun with some old AND new games lately. Chinese Checkers with brightly colored marbles have always been popular at my home, since I was a little kid playing with MY grandfather. My grandkids enjoy a good game periodically and one in particular had fun trouncing me at it last week.

We also added some new games to our repertoire and the fun part is that I taught them one AND they taught me one. How fun!

They are old enough now for more advanced card games (though they still enjoy a rousing game of Fish occasionally). I taught the oldest how to play Gin Rummy. He liked it so much the other two wanted to get in on it and also learned it quickly. We pretty much follow the rules of deal seven cards, put down if you have three or four of the same kind (3s, Kings, etc.)  or three or more in a row of the same suit. You can pick up as many cards in the discard as you’d like as long as you use the bottom card right away. And you can put your sets down as you get them or hold them in your hand to fake out the other player(s). My oldest grandson loves those last two rules and uses them quite advantageously. They win as often as they lose and we all have fun with it.

Stratego is fun for grandparents and grandchildren

A couple of days ago, I just had my oldest grandson and he taught me how to play a totally new-to-me game, Stratego. I was a bit leery of it at first, but was pleasantly surprised to discover it was quite an interesting, intriguing and fun strategy game. He beat me BIG time but considering it was my first time and I was still learning the rules, that was pretty much expected.  I’m looking forward to a rematch in the coming weeks.

So, how about you and your grandkids. Learned any new games lately? Or are you one of the blessed few who are still playing outside all the time? We’d love to hear. 🙂

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  1. I have to tell you that Amara has now been completely bitten by the Mind Craft bug — it is almost all we hear about and I always think of you!
    While we have continued to have wonderful weather if we are going to play a game Amara’s favorite is still Sorry! I can remember playing it with my cousins 50+ years ago! How cool is that?

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