washable crayons are great for fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Grandparents Don’t Have to Cry Over Spilt Milk or Marker on the Wall

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Crayons, Markers, and paint, Oh My! Grandkids love them. Grandparents love them. They're wonderful for so many of the fun arts and crafts activities for grandparents and grandchildren. Until they are used for artwork on the walls or wooden floors! Then consternation sets in. No matter how closely you supervise, those wee ones can occasionally write on the wrong surface.

washable crayons are great for fun activities for grandparents and grandchildren

I have a wonderful solution for all of us in the Sandwich Generation.   makes washable versions of each of these items! And as I discovered today, when I was washing some crayon streaks from my wooden floor, they really do wash off easily! It was wonderful. They are more expensive. You aren’t very likely to find them marked down to 16 cents in the Back to School sales. They’re well worth it though. They’re worth it when it first happens. They’re even more worth it months later when you find an area you missed and they still wash off easily.

Granny Nannies love washable crayons and markers for grandchildren

So when those sales occur, keep a close eye out. I did find a great deal on them at Toys R Us last summer. Not 16 cents, but much cheaper than normal. Not only that. Amazon carries many of their products and you can use your Amazon Prime Membership for free shipping and handling! That's definitely a great deal as well! Washable crayons, markers, and paint also make excellent gifts for the grandkids which our adult kids will appreciate. Sending project boxes is one of my favorite ideas for grandparents to stay in touch and close to grandchildren when living far away. Their budgets are often tight and thanks to Amazon Prime it's not very expensive. I’ll bet they’ll be thrilled when you give these items to the grandchildren as Easter, birthday, Christmas and even Halloween surprises. They’ll be even more thrilled when they go to clean up a mess and it washes up easily. It’s a fun way to be the Sandwich Generation Super-Grandparent!  🙂

One other tip – Washable markers aren't just for the grandkids. They are wonderful for the rest of the Sandwich Generation family as well! I've used the lighter Crayola washable markers as highlighters. My senior mom likes to dip into the grandkids crafts box and use them to make handmade greetings cards for her long distance great-grandchildren! That's one of those easy crafts for seniors and if they are dealing with shaky hands, such as those with Parkinson's symptoms, there's no stress for them since they know how easy it is to clean up. I've been using Crayola products since I was a kid. Since I'm one of those not-so-aging Baby Boomers Generation, you know it's been a while! I loved them then and I love them even more now that they are washable! These are definitely one of my most useful tools as a Sandwich Generation Granny Nanny! 

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