Webkinz stuffed animals like this adorable Webkinz giraffe are fun for the grandkids and its easy to buy Webkinz animals like this online - just click here

Grandparents! Create Wild Family Memories With Your Grandkids, Their Webkinz Stuffed Animals, And Africam!

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My grandkids love their webkinz stuffed tiger and other animals and you can buy webkinz online easily - just click here

Do I have an interesting and educational website for grandparents and your grandchildren! I can't take all the credit, though. I discovered this from Sue when visiting for Rednesday a while back. I'm so glad she shared this with me and I'm so enjoying sharing it with you! "What is it," you ask, with baited breath? 


"What's that?"

It's a live, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, interactive African wildlife safari via website, complete with manned live video cameras that provide stereo sound and night vision. It's a great educational opportunity for our grandkids. For those of us caring for elderly parents, it can be an intriguing "show" to share with them as well. And it's just plain fascinating!

I do have to warn you, though, it does require patience. Sometimes you'll see more than at other times. I'd recommend checking it out yourself several times and get a feel for what are the best times. But overall, it's intriguing and educational for grandparents and grandchildren alike. AND they even offer recorded video highlights of some of the best animal encounters, like the very fascinating Cheetahs that are hopefully showing in a video in the top right column (can you tell I've been having blog/video issues!! – If the video isn't showing in the top right column, just click here.) 🙂

The webkinz stuffed wild animals like this crocodile are great for snuggling with while watching Africam

So grab your grandkids, scoop up their wild animal Webkinz stuffed animals like the Tiger Snake and the Crocodile, and settle down in front of the computer for some real live wildlife for the Sandwich Generation

Webkinz stuffed animals like this cute Webkinz giraffe are a lot of fun for the grandkids and its easy to buy webkinz like this online - just click here

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