Grandparents: Ants CAN be Fun!

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Grandparents, what do you do when your three active little grandsons of varying ages and  skill sets come to visit? Why, you grab Ants in the Pants, of course!

As you can see from the picture, you start with a big pair of plastic pants and a whole bunch of little plastic “ants” that you press on to pop them up and, hopefully, into the giant pants.

The four of us were clustered around a table, all trying to get our ants to pop into the giant pair of pants at the same time. It was hilarious fun. Of course, after 10-15 minutes the interest started to wane. That’s when the boys started getting a little creative, removing the suspenders to make it easier, removing the pants from the table, hmmmm… But still and all, for a fun 15-30 minutes with four little boys under the age of six, it was a definite success.

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