Awana provides encouraging Bible memory verses for our Sandwich Generation grandkids

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Our Sandwich Generation grandkids love learning encouraging Bible memory verses at AwanaAWANA – Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

The Awana club my grandchildren used to go to always started in mid-September but our new club has already begun! And oh my! My grandkids are loving it! 

What is Awana, you ask? It's a fun once-a-week non-denominational club that many churches offer. Generally, you don't even have to attend that church. So if your own church, like ours, doesn't offer the program, it's usually fine to attend another church's program. For example, if your grandkids attend a Christian school or homeschooling coop that meets at a church see if they offer the AWANA program. That's a fun option as they'll probably recognize some of the kids who attend it right from the get-go. 

The children get to enjoy a weekly time of Bible teaching, fun games, and learning Bible memory verses. They work on memorizing their verses (at their own speed) all week long and then say as many as they've learned at the meeting. We love it's "work at your speed" approach! And they especially love that along the way, they get to earn "Awana bucks" to "spend" at the Awana store every few weeks. 

I appreciate that it's just as easy for grandparents to take our grandkids, as parents, whether you take turns taking them, or do it all to give mom and dad a free night and you some extra time with the grandkids. Plus, if you have the time to volunteer, it's a great way to get to know your grandchildren's friends a little better. And let me tell you, helping your grandkids memorize their verses is great exercise for their brains AND ours! 

Even if your grandchild is already attending an AWANA club, I bet they'd love it if you came to visit periodically, to cheer them on as they earn their AWANA awards and listen to them telling you their Bible memory verses. Talk about a fun way of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy! Do you have grandkids in the AWANA program? Or do you attend a different program at your church? We'd love to hear. And…

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