Grandparenting Requires Extra Careful Vigilance And Much Prayer!

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Last week, as I was headed from the parking lot to my apartment, I noticed an adorable one-year-old tot climbing down the stairs from the second story, with no adult anywhere to be seen. Happily prattling away, she seemed quite unconcerned with the fact that she was all alone and getting ever closer to the parking lot where cars do tend to come around corners a tad faster than I might like.

I walked up the stairs to meet her and asked, “Hi Honey, where’s your mommy or daddy? She smiled at me cheerfully then looked up the stairs. I noticed an open door to the first apartment and took her hand, walking carefully up the stairs with her. When I got there, I could hear people talking normally. Having heard a little one’s voice from their apartment in the past, I nicely hollered out, “Hi, Is this your little one?”

Immediately the voices changed to sharp concern, and the mom cried out, “Nina, did you open the door?” She came running to the door, grabbed her precious daughter and hugged her close. It turned out Nina had figured out how to open the door to the apartment all on her own and left with no one noticing!

Her mom and I are very grateful for God sending me there just at that moment! Sadly, there are many news stories out right now of children injured or killed because there wasn’t someone at that moment.

As grandparents, it is so vital for us to be extra vigilant as we care for these precious little gifts from God. Right now, there is a grandfather and grandchild who desperately need our prayers. His little four-year-old grandson somehow got out on the lawn where the grandpa was mowing on his riding mower. Grandpa accidentally backed up onto the child who is now in the hospital in critical care! It’s a miracle he is still alive and only time will tell if he will ever totally heal. I can’t begin to imagine what that poor grandfather and his whole family are going through right now. It’s got to be a grandparent’s worst nightmare!

God never promised we wouldn’t have problems. In fact, He actually said we would have tribulation in this world! But He has promised never to leave us or forsake us! I cling to those promises while checking and double-checking and triple checking myself. Even so, as grandparents we are not only human, we are older than when we were parents. That means our reflexes do tend to be a bit slower. Fortunately, we are also a bit wiser so most of the time it tends to even out well.  🙂

However, all of us need to remember to keep a close eye out, a close ear open, and do a lot of praying to keep these precious grandkids safe and sound to the best of our ability. I put this into practice to the max last week when I took my grandkids on a field trip as part of their home schooling program. I was counting heads non-stop, just like I used to do when my kids were young.  We did great, had a lovely time, and all came home safe and sound. But I do believe I was a bit more tired than I used to get. 🙂   Better extra tired though, and extra safe! So have fun, stay safe, and do, please, pray for that grandpa and his family!

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