Grandma, Grandsons, and Three Winning Books

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Babysitting two of my young grandsons recently, I had plenty of opportunities to “test drive” some new books I had recently bought them. I was pleased to discover some big hits among them, as well as discovering some other great books in their own library. We thought we’d share our three favorites.

  1. Bible Heroes and Bad Guys by Rick Osborne, Marnie Wooding, and Ed Strauss. This book writes about over 25 Bible good guys AND bad guys who are “profiled” in a quasi-comic book hero fashion to appeal to those little boys who love Spiderman, Batman, and Superman. Since that fits my grandguys to a T, I thought I’d give it a try and I’m pleased to report it did a great job of holding their attention. It also proved to be an excellent starting point for some interesting theological discussions – at a fun 7 year old level. We loved it!
  2. Transformers Meet the AutoBots. This is an “I Can Read – Level 2” book for helping kids who are learning to read but it works fine for reading to them as well. It’s not too deep and, having never seen a Transformer movie, I got a bit confused. My grandkids know the Transformer story well, though, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked that it was a positive story about using their strength to help others.
  3. One of their oldies but goodies that we all love is Edward the Emu by Sheena Knowles, which is illustrated by Rod Clement. We LOVE this simple book, as much for the pictures as the cute story. It’s all about an emu who keeps wanting to be a different animal. As we read it, we talk about being content with how God made us. It also has some of the best pictures of any of their story books. They are wonderfully drawn and the boys enjoy them as much as me!

We definitely had a good time with these books and I have added each of their sequels to my mental list of possible additions to our library! They are all welcome additions to our homeschooling programs. Happy Reading to you, as well.

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