Phonics and Reading Activities for grandparents and their grandhchildren are a great help in teaching a child to read

Grandma and Grand-Twins Love To Read

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Phonics and Reading Activities for grandparents and their grandhchildren are a great help in teaching a child to read

Reading – both reading to grandkids and being read to by grandkids – has been proven to help children do better in school in every subject, not just Reading class. It's a great way to have fun with them while also working with them on their phonics and sight reading skills. It’s also something we grandparents can easily do to help both our adult kids and our grandkids. We can even do it over the phone. I don’t do it that way often, but it is definitely fun to have a granddaughter proudly proclaim, “Grandma, I can read!” and proceed to read me her first little 6-page reader.

Today my grand-twins got to come over all by themselves after their classes and have nap time with grandma. How fun for us all! We played beachball catch in the bedroom. We looked at photos of big-bro, big-sis, and darling cousins on the computer. We played hide and seek several times. That one is particularly challenging for me. It’s very hard to find the two of them. (Psst, don’t let on to them that I know, but they always hide in exactly the same place – behind the couch pillows. And they are always soooo tickled when grandma looks everywhere, finally gives up, and collapses on the couch all befuddled, only to spring up in shock as they laugh and laugh at being sat upon! 🙂 )

Finally, we sat down for some enjoyable reading and phonics activities for grandparents and their grandchildren before nap. Today we read two of our favorites. My Bible Storybook is good for all little readers, but it's one of those books that is especially good for children with special needs, including autism or low-vision, as each page has a 3-D “figure” in the page itself to help illustrate the story.

My Bible StoryBook is one of those books that is great for reading activities for autistic children or other little ones with special needs

For instance, we read about Moses, and enjoyed touching the 3-D pix of Moses in the basket. David and Goliath had David’s face and Daniel gave them the thrill of touching the lion’s head. It has been one of their favorites for years now and I love it as well. 

Our second book, Diego's Animal Science Book, was also visually stimulating in more than one way. It talks about various animals from the rain forest in a fact-filled and interesting manner. It also has a map of the rainforest and stickers, where they can place the stickers on the map to help reinforce what they’ve learned. It’s a great stand-alone book, but if you have a grandkid who loves Dora and Diego TV shows, it’s also great for reinforcing the lessons they learn on that. In fact, we've enjoyed all the various Diego books we've found. 🙂

Diegos animal science book is fun for reading activities for grandparents and their grandchildren


All in all, granny nanny and grand-twins had a delightful day, before heading home to meet up with parents, big sis and big bro. And I have the joyful family memories, not just of spending a fun day with them, but with having helped them learn more about God AND working on their reading and phonics skills. Now that’s a win-win-win in any Sandwich Generation granny nannies day! 🙂 

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    • Kaye
    • August 7, 2009

    Ooooh, “in the dark” Hide and Seek sounds like fun. I have one grandkid who would love it, one who would hate it, and one who would probably go back and forth, so I’ll have to hold off on it. But maybe next year?…. 🙂 Thanks for a fun-sounding idea, Amanda. 🙂

    • Amanda
    • August 7, 2009

    Reading is not only something we do to help our girls learn to read and instill a love for reading, but it’s something our now 6yo loves to do in her free time.

    I love that you look everywhere for the twins before giving up, we still do that with our 6 & 2 yo, unless we’re playing “In the dark” Hide and Seek”, then all bets are off.

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