Handmade crafts and tree ornaments even after Christmas are fun for grandparents and grandchildren in my Sandwich Generation family .jpg

Babysitting Grandkids Is Even More Fun With One of My Real Estate Tools!

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Handmade crafts and tree ornaments even after Christmas are fun for grandparents and grandchildren in my Sandwich Generation family AND Pink SaturdayLast weekend I enjoyed visiting my long distance grandkids. We had a lovely time full of fun crafts (of course 🙂 ), tons of hugs, and even got to go to church together. We got to church an hour early as two of my lovebugs were singing in choir that morning and had to warm those lovely vocal chords up. I took the other cuties to an empty room with a handful of toys and, I thought, my handy-dandy grandkid iPhones full of games and activities to keep us busy. Oops! It turned out those were inadvertently left behind and my main iPhone had no games for the younger kids on it! So there I was with ages 3-9 year old grandkids – too wide an age gap for my usual games. What’s a grandma to do!?!?!?

Hooray – a brand new app that I had just discovered and practiced on the trip out came to my rescue. Movie360 is a fairly easy-to-use iPhone app that I will be using for virtual home tour videos for my real estate clients. But it’s also got some fun options that the grandkids and I thoroughly enjoyed.  Our two favorite options were Sketch and ColorSketch. These give your videos a cartoon-style feel. My grandkids thoroughly enjoyed starring in their very own cartoons – color for the ColorSketch option

and black and white for the Sketch option.


We enjoyed making 2-3 little videos and watching them together. And before you know it, it was time to head in to church, happy as clams and blessed with lovely memories to cherish for years to come.

You can find Movie360 by clicking here. It is currently priced at $4.99, however I got it for free a while back thanks to Apps Gone Free.

This was definitely one of the fun highlights of my Christmas season. How about you and your grandkids? Did you learn or do anything fun or unusual? We’d love to hear. And HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL   🙂

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