Grandkids Love Forms!

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Last year, my long distance grandkids enjoyed it when I mailed them the fun kids coloring pages to print. They especially loved the Princess and Strawberry Shortcake coloring pages I sent them!

This year, my oldest is reading and writing and we discovered she loves to fill in business-like forms of all kinds. “She doesn’t care what they are,” says mom. “She just has fun filling them in, just as I did when I was young.” So now I’m on a hunt for fun and interesting forms to help her set up her pretend businesses. I bet my nearby grandkids will enjoy them as well. For that matter, I thought some of your grandkids might also, so I am sharing with you the fruit of my labor. 🙂

Kids Turn Central has some fun genealogy forms that are just for kids and grandkids. They get fun forms AND fun pictures on many as well. 🙂 And they get to learn more about their family. Terrific!

The IRS has tons of free forms available for printing on their site. It’s never too soon to teach our grandchildren about obeying the authorities over us by paying our taxes. 🙂

The state of Colorado has some interesting real estate forms with lots of lines and boxes my grandkids are sure to enjoy.

PNB has all sorts of intriguing forms with boxes and lines and circles to keep my grandkids happy learning the “banking business.”

Entreprenuer has all sorts of interesting forms including job applications, payroll records, and independent contractor’s agreements. This would be a great chance to talk to our grandkids about working as an employee vs. self-employment.

One caveat – make sure you only select the forms themselves. Otherwise you’ll be printing out lots of instructions your grandkids won’t care about.

Don’t you love it when you can put a smile on your grandchild’s face with just a few minutes of your time and some paper, envelopes, and stamps! And they get to enjoy pretending they are all grown up, and even learn more about the world around them. Hmmmm, I do believe this would make an excellent social studies projects for many of our grandkids’ homeschooling programs! 🙂

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    • Kenneth Howe
    • October 23, 2009

    Grandkids Love Forms! | Printed out forms make fun play business times for grandkids as well a..

  1. Grandkids Love Forms! | Printed out forms make fun play business times for grandkids as well a..

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