Kaye Swain multigenerational blogger Roseville Real Estate Agent shares healthy eating tips

Tips and Encouragement for Grandkids and Senior Parents

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Healthy Eating Tools To Help Busy Caregivers

Healthy Eating AND Thinking Tips With the Grandkids

Egg is infamous for sticking, right?  Apparently the protein in it makes it stick. When my grandkids and I make scrambled eggs with little butter we have to soak it in water with dishwashing detergent to clean it relatively easy. So when I started my healthy eating program including a poached egg daily on healthy AND only 60-calorie toast,

Kaye Swain multigenerational blogger Roseville Real Estate Agent shares healthy eating tips 2

I noticed the egg pan always had a skin around it. I would empty he pan, pop it in sink with water and a squirt of Cascade and let it sit for a while. Then it wiped out easily.

The other day I was rushing and just wiped the pan without thinking, along without soaking. Lo and behold it came off same as always. What LOOKED hard was really easy. And what looked like a dumb mistake (not squirting the cascade) will actually end up saving me the cost of a few bucks over the next 20 or so years!

A tiny thing I know. But I’ve seen God do that many times in my life. He may say No or Wait and I would think it was dreadful news. Then it would turn out that waiting, or not getting a yes at all was really more of a blessing than a yes would have been!

That’s something I have worked hard to teach my grandkids, which then reminds and encourages me. Sometimes my senior mom too!

Gotta love the little things in life, right? 😉

Encouragement for Loved Ones Away From Home

Speaking of grandkids and aging parents, I thought this Bible verse would be encouraging for both, and particularly for grandkids away at college and/or elderly parents in the hospital or care facility.

Christian Blogger REALTOR Kaye Swain shares encouraging Bible verses grandkids elderly parents


Cool Word Search Book For Grandkids AND Senior Parents

Check out The Everything Large-Print Bible Word Search Book I got my senior mom. I thought it was just a regular word search puzzle book, but using Bible Words. And the first few searches are just that. It has your normal Word Search – Bible words in columns on the left and the word search puzzle on the right.

After a few dozen pages, though, it turns into Bible verse passages with the word search words bolded!

Kaye Swain Sandwich Generation specialist shares great gift ideas for seniors grandkids

What a cool idea. A fun way to encourage daily Bible reading. Great for our grandkids as well as our senior parents! Adding that to my Christmas gift possibles. 🙂

Have a GREAT Week

Well, I’m off to help at church then work hard to enable some sweet real estate clients get their dream home. 🙂 Have a terrific week.


P.S. Speaking of real estate (I know, I’m doing a LOT of “speaking of” today 😉 )… No matter where you live, if you know someone who is looking to buy or sell a home, I’d be glad to help. I know great REALTORS all across the country and would be happy to help them find a terrific person who could patiently help you or your loved ones with their real estate needs including downsizing, aging in place options, and more. Just email me at Kaye@KayeSwain.com or give me a buzz at 657-229-KAYE  🙂

Smiles for Caregivers

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