Crazy 8s ruled grandkids this week Kaye Swain

Grandkids Crafts, Coloring Pages, and YouTube Tips

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Spring is springing in an intriguing variety of ways across the country. While heading to enjoy children craft activities with one set of grandkids, I discovered they had just enjoyed fresh snow.

Winter snow spring flowers fun grandkids crafts Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR joys Another set is wild about wind right now. And brand new grandbaby and I are loving the sunshine and beautiful flowers, but not crazy about the mosquitoes that popped up from our rainy winter!

Camellia joys for grandkids grandparents hangman more

Grandkids Craft Fun

I had such a lovely time with grandkids, childrens crafts, and games (and am so grateful to God for providing snow-free drives both ways!) And what’s a little snow outside when we have plenty of kids arts crafts fun going on inside! Like Googly Guys, water paint pictures, LEGO Easter projects, finger puppets, make your own puzzles, friendship bracelets, Square One TV show and more!

Roseville CA REALTOR sharing grandkids crafts butterflys

The make-your-puzzles were a hit BUT they were very tricky to take apart. I got the biggest ones, hoping that would help, but we did have some tearing.

Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento real estate agent sharing Color Your Own Puzzle grandkid joys

Would you believe it, the simplest turned out to be the most popular. These fun googly guys and gals were a total hit!!!! And very easy for all ages.

Kaye Swain Grandkids loved googly eyes BEST

Grandkids Crafts Help from YouTube

Another thing that turned out well was putting a personalized YouTube playlist to work to teach us without as many distractions from ads and other videos that might not be appropriate! I used my youtube account that comes automatically with a gmail account to make four grandkid-friendly YouTube playlists for my grandchildren. (And speaking of YouTube – it’s a great tool for our whole Sandwich Generation family. Thanks to it being available via Comcast, my elderly mom has been able to enjoy a few interesting shows on YouTube that she couldn’t have seen otherwise. Very cool!)

Grandkids Yarn & Fabric Crafts

This playlist has most of the videos we used for the crafts listed here.

Grandkids Crafts

This is all the rest of the crafts ideas I find.

Grandkid Joys

This was my original playlist and has a wide mixture of things. It’s pretty much my miscellaneous play list for them.


I have a bunch of good videos in these playlists. That way I could turn it on and the grandkids could watch in a fairly controlled environment . When you create a playlist and they start watching, it keeps going to the next video on the playlist. That way, they don’t get out to the not-always-great-suggestions til the playlist is done! So if you pick good videos and make a long playlist it can keep them safely busy (under supervision) for a good amount of time!

Crochet joys always popular with Kaye Swain grandkids

That’s also how my granddaughters also learned how to make cool friendship bracelets I brought. It involved weaving and I’m not great at that – but they became quite the experts! Grandkids crafts joys indeed!

Grandkids Craft Joys

Crazy 8s ruled grandkids this week Kaye Swain

We had a most delightful time together, made tons of goodies, enjoyed several games of Crazy 8s, learned some new crafts, and are already looking forward to the next visit. Fortunately, in between, I know there will be lots of hangman games and sweet chats via the telephone, which is such a blessing when distance separates us! 🙂

Grandkids St Patricks Day Smiles

One last thing before we part. St Patricks Day smiles with these cute coloring pages including a Scripture Verse with a hint of GREEN in it.

Happy St Patricks Day clover from Kaye Swain Roseville Sacramento Real Estate Agent


Bunny St Patricks Day Spring Joys via Kaye Swain Roseville REALTOR

Enjoy the moments with those sweet grandkids, crafts fun, and sweet smiles, as well as your beloved parents! They might enjoy the coloring pages as well – coloring pages for adults is taking off big time, isn’t it? 🙂


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