Summer Fun With Grandkids, Bible Verses, and Memories

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Spring is Leaving

My senior mom grandkids love gardenias

What a lovely week it’s been. Cool and breezy and full of sweet flowers and flower fragrances (even with the hint of brown on the petals of this lovely gardenia, the scent is just as sweet and strong as ever)! I got a lot of work done! Plus my senior mom is doing well. We enjoyed delightful chats with various grandkids. A sweet blessing indeed!

Summer is Starting

Kaye Swain blogger REALTOR Shares Summer Joys in Roseville Sacramento CA

Summer starts on Tuesday and for our Sacramento area, it will be back to triple digits. But we have so enjoyed the cool interlude. Many Vacation Bible schools are starting this week and next all over. I’m praying for good weather for all across the country and for kids to be blessed everywhere!

Vacation Bible School Resources and Prayers

Here’s the next of my Bible verse coloring pages for my Vacation Bible School class coming up soon. Continuing on in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and coupled with the Armor of God, here’s this week’s coloring page:


Tuesday BREASTPLATE of RIGHTEOUSNESS Bible verse coloring pages for VBS kids 2016 Breakaway Roseville Granite Bay CA

Click here for last week’s Bible coloring page.

I do so love VBS – with my grandkids when we can, and even on my own. 🙂

Greeting Card Smiles

Some of my friends have had a tough week so off I went to buy some cute cards to bring a smile to their faces. I found some adorable kitty cat get well cards and doggy get well cards at my local Raley’s grocery store. I’m hoping to be test driving a greeting card app soon and will let you know how it does. That would definitely be handy for my long distance loved ones including grandkids, that’s for sure. In the meantime, I need to stop at Family Christian book store to get some more cute get-well greeting cards. What’s your fave place to get cards?

Swimming Pool Joys With Grandkids

While I was at Walmart recently, I spotted my favorite little puddle pools. I won’t be needing those this year. My little grandkids won’t be out this summer and my granddog HATES water. Still and all, it can be quite handy even for boomers and seniors. It’s nice to put your feet in while reading outside on warm summer days, don’t you think? It surely brought back some fun memories of grandkids playing in the puddle pool in years past! Like these:

A giant blue turtle - Nope - grandkids hiding in the summr swimming pool


My grandkids and I have been enjoying a wading pool that I park by the sunflowers - butterfly bush - and roses - then I can use the water from the pool to help with my senior moms watering and other gardening activities


Even these pools are getting a bit small for them, though some might set this one out this year.

Love to swim in bigger vinyl swimming pools or smaller inflatable pools - just as long as they are full of sparkling water

Mainly, they are looking forward to the ginormous park pools complete with new and old friends to play with. 🙂  It’s such a joy to see them growing up so beautifully and strong!

Happy Spring into Summer

That’s it for now in my neck of the woods. How’s your spring into summer week shaping up? We’d love to hear – in the comments below or over at Facebook.

Talk to you soon!



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